The Riverside Rampage

The Riverside Rampage

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

The Riverside Rampage is a pounding rock/blues trio from Cincinnati, OH. We are eager, willing, and able to keep up the tradition of great bands coming out of the area in the last decade. We're play loud, we play serious, and we can't wait to show you what we're about.


Mike and Andy have played together for about 6 years, but have only gigged occasionally due to not having a bass player and a couple of 9-to-5's. However, we picked up Sean on the bass and recorded a full-length album, which has primed us for pursuing our music career. We have a great respect and appreciation for the old blues players, some well-known, some obscure, and how that influence has blossomed into current influences like The Black Crowes and The Black Keys. We also want to contribute to the Cincinnati music scene that has helped to make a name for bands like The Greenhornes, Buffalo Killers, and Heartless Bastards. We know that we can rock with the best of what this town has to offer, and can't wait for the opportunity to prove this again and again.


Minnow In A Mighty Lake

Written By: The Riverside Rampage

You never learn after all this time
Everyone agrees you're cruel
You go out with your shoes tied up tight
You never obeyed the golden rule

You're just a minnow in a mighty lake
People like you there's no give and take
You're just a minnow in a mighty lake
Now would you go to hell already for heaven's sake

So what if you sound the alarm
A one-way ticket on your latest mission
Through the doors we learn the horror and harm
And you can't win a war of attrition

You had to go and take one with you
Of all places took some nerve
We're bound to repeat our past issues
Should have gotten life for walking in the Reserve

Weather Vane

Written By: The Riverside Rampage

Pure as snow, you're name is dirt
The things you do, things you say are bound to hurt
Black or white, your color never change
You see which way the wind's blowing, and you're gone weather vane
Here we go, not again, where you going, where you at, where you been?

Still as stone, a hurricane
You leave me here blown away and I'm to blame
Day or night, your time never change
You see which way the wind's blowing, and you're gone weather vane
Sit tight, run along, now you're here, now you're there, then you're gone

The mockingbird's song is mean
Sings what you want but who knows behind the scenes
Wrong or right, your answer never change
You see which way the wind's blowing, and you're gone weather vane
Call me late, need a ride, hurry, wait, I can't take this slowly dying

Skin and Bones

Written By: The Riverside Rampage

I beg and borrow to get on by
My education is all a lie
And tattered clothes don't keep me warm
There are people I love and trust
Their expectations left in the dust
I keep my walls bare and unadorned

Skin and bones and worries wide
Troubles always by my side
Midnight wails and morning moans
Skin and bones, skin and bones

Around the corner tornado hitch
Roll myself into a ditch
Hope I make it out alive
Saturdays work fine for me
Play by noon, drunk by three
How much deeper can I dive?

Started out a little late
Much to love, little to hate
But that shadow on my back
What a spot for a married man
Stumbling feet, worthless hands
All I need, all I lack

I Can Read My Own Mind

Written By: The Riverside Rampage

Say goodbye to all the times
Sent down low in decline
Things start looking up in June
Rearrange my living room

I can read my own mind
I can bleed to death and get left behind

Fourteen days between my smiles
Mornings lost on radio dials
Drive me here, drive me home
Hear my tune and I'll be gone

Water up to my knees
Wash away things we need
Write a real I.O.U.
Buy something old, something new

Hollowed Out Blues

Written By: The Riverside Rampage

I got myself a hollow eye
I see you laugh, you see me cry
You never said goodbye
I got myself a hollow leg
I drink all night, I drink all day
The mess I made

Well it's not your fault I am hollow
Tied my own noose
Where I go trouble follows
Take my abuse
I was wrong all along

I got myself a hollow hand
Words I write you don't understand
I don't think you can
I got myself a hollow head
Never thought about what I said
And now I made my bed

I got myself a hollow soul
Never do what I'm told
Since you've been cold
I got myself a hollow heart
Battered beaten torn apart
Where do I start?



River's Bend - 2010

Set List

Skin and Bones
I Can Read My Own Mind
Walk On Boy
Southern Fire On Northern Pine
Buying What You're Selling
One Thing I Can't Ignore
Minnow In a Mighty Lake
Hollowed Out Blues
Empty Heads