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The Rivington Project @ Australian and Far East Tour

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

The Rivington Project @ Freihofer's Saratoga Springs Jazz Festival - Saratoga Performing Arts Center

Saratoga Springs, New York, USA

Saratoga Springs, New York, USA

The Rivington Project @ Smoke - 2751 Broadway - (212)864-6662

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

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By John Fidler 10/13/06

A band with an inscrutable name debuts with this session, which is anything but. Guitarist Victor Magnani, bassist Martin Rizek and drummer George Coleman, Jr. are joined by veteran tenor saxman Don Braden for a satisfying, hard-charging hour of music made up of eight numbers--seven by Magnani, one by Coleman's father. Magnani has one previous album to his credit, Change Management (Orchard, 2001), featuring songs by John Coltrane, Billy Strayhorn and Charles Mingus, among others.

The album snaps to attention with “Navl Gazr,” an uptempo, declarative vehicle that is all but owned by Braden's muscular tenor. Braden sweetens his tone as he weaves his instrument through the fabric of “There's No Then in Zen,” a casual walk through the park that showcases Magnani's delicate phrasing on the guitar. The songs reflect the strengths and weaknesses in Magnani's writing: while his tunes are straight, simple and true, they also lack a sense of adventure, of a search for something beyond the chords. For that, we rely on the playing, which rises above Magnani's charcoal sketches and transforms the music into performances that are bracing, dynamic and bright with color.

Magnani was smart to invite Braden, who does much more than sit in. He's an integral part of The Rivington Project. The interplay between the two finds its firmest footing on the funky “A-Nuf” and “Why Aren't You Listening?”, a slow, smoky blues with some crisp staccato notes from Magnani. So tightly are the two wound around each other that the sax emerges without a ripple from the sonic surface sheen of the guitar.

Braden has more good moments, but none so eloquent as the ones on “New, As of Yet Unnamed Ballad” where his dark, ardent sighs on the tenor evoke Coleman Hawkins. Magnani's whispers on the guitar flutter like a baby's eyelashes. In George Coleman, Sr.'s ”Amsterdam After Dark,” the band finds the groove from the opening notes. Rizek's bass steadily anchors the piece while lurking in and around the beat, and Coleman Jr.'s snare and cymbals add a visceral, magnetic urgency.

I wish some of Braden's tunes had been included. Maybe next time. And maybe too the band, already in command of a shapely, concise, energetic sound, will let its hair down a bit and transfer some of the mystery around its name to the music.

By Edward Blanco

The Rivington Project is essentially a trio of New York-based musicians comprised of guitarist Victor Magnani, drummer George Coleman, Jr. and bassist Martin Rizek. The group produces a sound self described in their promotional material as a “musical gumbo of jazz, rock, funk and experimental music.” TRIP is the combo’s debut album which features as a special guest veteran sideman, tenor saxophonist Don Braden.

The CD contains seven original tunes by Magnani and one penned by drummer Coleman, Jr. The music is not your typical mainstream jazz but does fall within the contemporary styles that one is familiar with. Having stated that however, there are two tracks that are notable exceptions, “Ikon Tact,” and “A-Knuf” produces sounds that clearly are firmly grounded in the funk-jazz groove genre.

For me there were two excellent charts the really define the music here and they are the opener “Navi Gazr,” a fast-paced rhythm containing sharp solos by Magnani and Braden alike, and the bookend piece on this set, “Amsterdam After Dark,” a terrific and catchy melody with a nice beat. Braden shines on the tenor with “There’s No Then In Zen,” a piece that seems tailor made for a joust on the reeds. The music does slow down quite a bit on the “New, As of Yet Unnamed Ballad” a fine introspective tune.

In appraising this disc, I found plenty of good music to qualify TRIP as success on many counts. The charts sprinkle the music with a distinctly funky flavor yet manages to remain jazzy in nature. The band provides a first-rate performance marked by excellent guitar work by Magnani and Braden’s velvet voicing on tenor. A note-grabbing set of jazz well worth the effort and providing one interesting listen.

Year: 2006
Label: Counterpart Records
Artist Website: -

By Gian Fiero - 09/04/06 - 02:04 PM EST
Genre: Jazz
Sounds Like: ?
Technical Grade: 10
Production/Musicianship Grade: 10
Commercial Value: 7
Overall Talent Level: 10
Songwriting Skills: 10
Performance Skill: 10
Best Songs: All
Weakness: None
CD Review: I listened to this project for about 60 seconds before I determined that I was listening to a potential 2006 Muse's Muse Award winner for best Jazz artist. With Victor Magnani on guitar; George Coleman Jr on drums; Marty Rizek on bass; and Don Braden on Tenor sax, the Rivington Project is not only rivetting, it's a true Jazz lover's treat. Turning in what they describe as a musical gumbo of Jazz, Rock, Funk, and experimental music, these New York based musicians consistently display superlative composition skills and a myriad of influences that mesh together and comprise a solid project that can be enjoyed from start to finish.

Advice: You guys are pros - and you know it. Keep doing what you're doing. Just do more of it. -

Congratulations! You are the winner of the Global Rhythm magazine/ Sonic Bids Song contest for April 2007. Your song "Navl Gazr" has won our contest and will appear on Global Rhythm's sampler CD which reaches 120,000 readers each month.

Global Rhythm magazine
Alecia Cohen
Associate Publisher
104 West 29th Street, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10001

- Global Rhythm magazine

Winner of the 14th Annual 2006 Billboard World Song Writing Contest

Our greatest and most honored achievement of 2007 was our selection as the winner of the 14th Annual Billboard World Songwriting Contest with our submission entry “Navl Gazr”, in the Jazz Song Category which will appear on the Billboard Song Contest Winner's promotional CD.
- Billboard

We are pleased to inform you that the song "Navl Gazr," entered into the Jazz category, has advanced to the next round of judging for the 2006 International Songwriting Competition. Please read all of the information below thoroughly.

Congratulations on this achievement. With over 14,000 songs entered into ISC 2006, making it this far along in the competition is a great accomplishment and a testament to your songwriting talent.

This is the only round of judging before the semi-finals. Receiving this email does not mean that you are a semi-finalist or a finalist. The 2006 finalists will officially be announced on February 1, 2007, and winners will be announced in March, 2007. All entrants will be informed of the results via email; finalists will also be posted on our website.

If you entered multiple songs, you will receive a separate email for each song that has advanced to the second round of judging. Please note that if you do not receive an email about a specific song that you entered, it means that the song did not advance to the second round of judging.

Please do not call or email our office to inquire about the status of the above mentioned song or any other songs that you may have entered, as we are extremely busy with the ongoing judging process. Due to time constraints, ISC does not release the number of entries that have made it to the next round of judging.

Feel free to tell others the good news about your song! When publicizing your achievement, you may mention that your song has "advanced to the next round of judging in the 2006 International Songwriting Competition." Please do not indicate yourself as a semi-finalist or finalist at the present time.

Best wishes for a healthy and successful New Year.
International Songwriting Competition
1307 Eastland Ave
Nashville, TN 37206
phone: 615.251.4441
- International Songwriting Competition

Dear Friends, fans and family,

It’s been quite a busy summer and falls for the “The Rivington Project” and we want to thank all of you who have continually supported us and have kindly endured our many performance invitations.

Our hard work and your support has begun to pay off for us and we have some exciting news we wish to share with you.

The Rivington Project has teamed with the USA wine and spirits distributor of Amaro Fernet Branca and Sambuca to promote and support our official record release party and celebration slated for early 2007. Stay tuned for date and venue details.

The Rivington Project, has secured it’s first overseas tour and will be performing at several major jazz festivals in Australia in March and April 2007.

The Rivington Project was notified by “Independent Music Awards and Music Resource Group” (IMA) that “Navl Gazr”, a selection from our summer release entitled, “TRiP” and submission entry, has advanced to the Finalist round of the 6th annual IMA program (Song Category, Jazz).

This year’s judges in the Jazz Category were Marc Ribot, Bill Frisell and McCoy Tyner. The other genre judges were Ozzy Osbourne, Cyndi Lauper, Wynonna Judd, Buddy Guy, Beenie Man, Afrika Bambaattaa, Suzanne Vega, FatBoy Slim, Howard Tate, Bebel Gilberto and David Grisman.

With a list of judges comprising a who’s who of today’s music industry the IMA selection is quite an honor for the band and for our great guitarist and chief composer, Victor Magnani. I have provided a hyper link below where you can listen to the other finalists and cast your for vote for The Rivington Project.

IMA Song Finalists:

Martin Folkman
Music Resource Group
IMA Program Director and Publisher of The Musician’s Atlas
Coordinator of the Independent Music Awards
- Music Resource Group


Though all band members have made various recordings with numerous other projects this is the first LP for the "the Rivington Project" entitled "TRiP", is now available for purchase online ( and The EPK mp3 music samples are tracks from the released CD.



Victor Magnani was born in Staten Island, New York and received B.S. and M.A. degrees from New York University (NYU) in Jazz Guitar and Composition, respectively and is the soul of the band. As The Rivington Project’s main composer Victor never ceases to impress with his progressively original and highly accessible sound. Primarily influenced by the composers Thelonious Monk, John Scofield, Conlon Nancarrow and Frank Zappa; his ability to express his varied musical influences of rock, funk, jazz and experimental music forms into a very original, angular but highly melodic composing style regularly draws crowds of both musicians and listeners to his performances.

George was seven when Jazz innovator and master drummer Max Roach gave him his first set of drums. The background music of his childhood was set to the harmonic sophistication of his father, George (“Big George”) Coleman’s saxophone and the classic blues of his mother Gloria’s bass, piano, organ and vocal work. The dedication and creativity of his parents set the standard for “little” George’s early musical efforts, culminating in his acceptance into New York’s prestigious High School of Music and Art.

After graduating from Music and Art George continued his musical studies with a number of master teachers such as Sam Ulano, Michael Carvin, Harold Mabern and Jamil Nasser. Never one to limit himself intellectually George also pursued studies in math and science eventually earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, New Jersey.

None of George’s teachers has been as influential as the late master percussionist Billy Higgins. Under his tutelage George’s conceptual understanding of both the drums and the music he plays has broadened, leading Higgins to call him “one of the most talented and creative young drummers on the NY Jazz scene.”

The bassist, Martin Rizek was born in what now know as New York’s “Financial District”. His family later moved to Staten Island, New York where he began a long and fruitful friendship and musical association with Mr. Magnani. In their many years of playing together in various musical formats including rock, funk, fusion and jazz they developed a harmonious intuitive musical bond that transcends formal musical notation. That melodic musical connectedness combined with the muscular counterpoint of George’s flowing waves and percussive impressions forms the distinctive core sound that is the “The Rivington Project”.

A native of Cincinnati, Ohio (and a former Harvard University Engineering student), saxophonist Don Braden has toured the world with jazz greats Betty Carter, Wynton Marsalis, Tony Williams, Freddie Hubbard, Roy Haynes, and many others. He has recorded on nearly fifty CDs as a sideman and has produced twelve CDs as a leader, the latest of which is "The New Hang", on the HighNote label. He has composed music for countless concerts, for all of his CDs and for a number of independent films; plus he spent four years as composer for the CBS sitcom “Cosby” and has written for "Little Bill." In 2000, he was one of the recipients the Doris Duke Foundation New Works composer's grant.

He works extensively as an educator, teaching for Litchfield Performing Arts, the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, the North Netherlands Conservatory in Groningen, Holland and at William Paterson University.