The RL Heyer Trio

The RL Heyer Trio


Twangy Rock with soulful lyrics and vocals. Smokin' rhythm section behind powerful guitar sounds. "The best roadhouse band you could ever want!"-Dennis Cook (JamBase)


Songs about life, love, and the effects of extreme drug use on the human psyche. The RL Heyer Trio is a mix bag of many styles, focusing on songwriting and crafting great arrangements of great tunes. While thought goes into each part played, there is still plenty of room for spontaneity and fire. A good mix of seriousness and lightheartedness...


Always Waiting

Written By: RL Heyer

In time, all things will pass,
Our lives, our problems, many years of broken glass.
The leaves fall from the trees.
The snow falls and I’m waiting on my bended knee.
Our memories fade away,
But I’m here, always waiting, whether you go or stay
With me, or me with you,
I’m always waiting for you.

And so on, and so forth,
I know you question what my love for you is worth.
It makes no sense in your brain.
In mine, I question what made me act so insane…ly
Adverb or adjective?
Be sure I’m waiting, patiently for you to live
With me, or me with you,
I’m always waiting for you,
It’s true, I’m waiting for you, it’s true,
I’m staying with you, it’s true, I’m waiting for you ooh, ooh, I’m waiting.

I’m begging you to stay.
I’ll make you happy day after day, after day,
After day, after day, after day, ‘cause I’m always thinking of you.

Agree to Disagree

Written By: RL Heyer

Some would say that silence is golden,
I tend to agree, at the perfect times,
Most days, I would rather be bombarded with songs and wine.
You know that imperfection leads to beauty,
Always have to play with the hand that’s dealt,
Countless possibilities deep down in this well.

Every single moment, we’re changing,
Still we’re taking comfort in familiar things.
The one that makes you right could just be wrong for me,
So let’s agree to disagree.

Talking all the time gets you nowhere,
Running far away, you‘ll be left behind.
Want a chance to learn what goes on inside your mind.
Sit here next to me, enjoy the silence,
Take all the time you need, address those evil thoughts,
Look deep down inside, find a love that you forgot.

Every single moment, we’re changing,
Will we find our comfort from familiar things?
The one that does you wrong could just be right for me,
So let’s agree to disagree.

Take Me

Written By: Scott Goodwin

When the game is done, and the marks all put away,
There’ll be a golden setting sun, and a fool turning away.
When the stories have all been told, and the race has been run
There’ll be a warm place to sleep and a fool on the run.

We will be.
Wait and see.

If the song in your heart doesn’t need an audience,
I wait outside the show, and listen from a distance.

We can be.
There’s no need to wait and see.

Your work is all done, and your clothes are hanging dry.
Look next to you, there’s no fool at your side.

Set your heart free.
Show your soul to me.
And when you set out for the sea,
Take me.

Tell Me When the Rain...

Written By: Scott Goodwin/RL Heyer

Tell me when the rain stops falling.
Tell me when the rain stops coming down.
Tell me when the rain stops falling and I tell you a joke
To keep you coming around.

Tried to keep the world from falling.
Tried to keep the world from spinning ‘round.
Gravity should keep us from falling,
As we wind our way to the ground.

Every minute is another chance to call on a friend.
Every second is another end.

Somewhere in our lives, there’s balance.
Sometime in the past, this all began.
Sometime in our lives there’s balance,
But I’m moving just as fast as I can.

They say the eye of the storm is peaceful,
You know that’s where I really want to be.
‘Cause if the eye of the storm is peaceful, then a peaceful eye
Is watching over me.


So why pretend?
In the end
The truth will bend.
The truth will bend
In the end.


Fell Asleep

Written By: RL Heyer

I fell asleep before I wrote this down and dreamed all night.
And on my way back into sleepy-town, I heard the sights.
And to drown them out
I had to turn around
But the road was gone.

I flew up into the starry skies, around the moon.
Asked Mr. Rodgers if he had the time, he said, “half past June.”
And the day was good
In the neighborhood
And the night was gone.

Falling fast, the sky opened up to let me in.
Back in Washington, I’d had enough, but the time was thin.
So I stretched it out
With the music loud
And the fear was gone.


Turn Me Upside Down (LP) - 2009

Set List

Touch Your Body
Sweet Sweet Dreams
Always Waiting
Agree to Disagree
Fell Asleep
Beyond Good and Evil
Rated R
I Woke Up
Tell Me When the Rain...
Take Me
Out of Touch
Boogie Bus
Please Don't Forget
Sing This Song