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Thermal And A Quarter

Bangalore, Karnātaka, India | MAJOR

Bangalore, Karnātaka, India | MAJOR
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"3 Wheels 9 Lives Album Release"

"It takes balls. It takes massive balls to put out a double CD with 20+ songs as an album. While many bands have tried it, more often than not, they’ve fallen flat on their faces – it simply is a task of superhuman proportions to be able to ensure there are no weak ones." - Rolling Stone Magazine

"Stuart Morrison in the Glasgow Herald"

“Songs such as 'Sunset Man', 'Without Wings' and the excellent 'Look at Me' rest on a genre-defying, impossibly funky, but irrefutably Indian rhythm section which rocked in 5/4 time all night. Let's see the Red Hot Chili Peppers try that”

- Stuart Morrison, The Herald, UK
- The Herald, UK

"Delhi Rocks"

“There's a strong buzz about the rock revolution that India is waiting to witness and TAAQ have already got their anthem going. Very fresh, very original, solely Indian yet quite international is how one can possibly describe the music of the band that opened for Deep Purple in 2001 and Jethro Tull subsequently. All stars to TAAQ for their guitar work, melody, lyrics and signature sound”

- The Hindustan Times, New Delhi

"Walking the TAAQ"

“It’s not just jamming or polishing of songs that TAAQ concentrated on. They’ve also set a high bar for themselves when it came to the actual production.” (2008) - Rolling Stone Magazine

"India's Best Axemen"

“With influences ranging from jazz to rock to funk, (Bruce Lee) Mani’s playing is instantly recognizable: sinuous wah-wah riffs, funky rhythms and staccato solos.” (2008) - Rolling Stone Magazine


“…oodles of talent; TAAQ’s music is unique and refreshing” (2007) - Emirates Today, Dubai

"Album Review"

“The intricately layered sound, while not radically different from their past albums, captures the energy of their live shows very well… Don’t let the monstrous roach on the cover stop you from reaching out for this great album.”

3½ Stars (2008)
- Rolling Stone Magazine

"NPR - All Things Considered"

“Thermal And A Quarter… is on the vanguard of the Indian Rock Scene”

“Thermal And A Quarter ventures far from the straight-ahead four-beat patterns of American music… all sorts of tricky syncopations…”

- Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers, National Public Radio (All Things Considered) - National Public Radio, USA

"Brash Music, Atlanta"

“The musicians are all superb and never out of the pocket… (TAAQ is) a musical collective mind that their culture offers as a gift to us music lovers in the west… It’s about time the west has something to listen to from India that isn’t born in Bollywood.”

“There is no pretence here, just guys playing their asses off as one”

“I could see this band blowing minds at Bonaroo or the Newport Jazz Festival. Wherever they end up playing, they are sure to catch the attention of anyone who has an ear for great music.”

- Ed Douglas, President, Brash Music, Atlanta
- None


“Defiantly original, unabashedly Indian, unquestionably unpeggable”

“You have Indian rock bands… and then you have Thermal And A Quarter”

- RSJ Magazine
- Amit Saigal

"Live Review"

“Thermal And A Quarter is bad news – for other bands who have suddenly discovered higher standards and expectations to live up to”

- The Hindu
- The Hindu


Full Length albums

3 Wheels 9 Lives (2012)
This Is It (2009)
Plan B (2006)
Jupiter Cafe (2002)
Thermal And A Quarter (2000)


Simply Be (2011)
Kickbackistan (2010)
Grab Me (2010)
One Small Love (2009)
Shut Up and Vote (2009)
Keep The Promise (2006)



Thermal And A Quarter (TAAQ) is a path-breaking band from Bangalore, India. TAAQ describes its music as ‘Bangalore Rock’ – a sound as distinctive, dynamic and picturesque as the city of its birth. Imagine a Phish-meets-Steely Dan-via-Mahavishnu-Orchestra vibe: the TAAQ sound is all that and more. Since 1996, TAAQ has played at venues across India and toured the United States, United Kingdom, West Asia, South-East Asia and Hong Kong, and supported acts like Guns n Roses, Deep Purple, Jethro Tull, Greg Howe and Bobby Taylor. TAAQ has independently released five studio albums and won awards for individual musicianship and contribution to ‘Indian Rock’.

Live, Thermal And A Quarter delivers an unforgettable, immersive musical experience. From packed clubs to arena-size venues, TAAQ’s stellar musicianship, hard-hitting lyrics, and fluid improvised style make every show unique.

What We Did...

• US Tour, playing dates in New York, Dallas, Seattle and more!
• Feature spot at the 2012 Mosaic Festival, Singapore.
• Hong Kong Tour – playing a week of gigs in packed local venues; shared stage with Bobby Taylor (producer, the Jackson 5).
• Headlined the South Asian Bands Festival, at Purana Qila, New Delhi, alongside bands from Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, The Maldives and other SAARC nations.
• Headlined Burn Festival in Male, Maldives
• Supported Deep Purple, Guns n Roses, Jethro Tull, Megadeth and Machine Head on Tour
• 4th Album This Is It mixed by Grammy-winner Jeff Peters at A.R. Rahman’s studios.
• 3rd Album Plan B showcased on National Public Radio’s ( All Things Considered broadcast across the USA and the world
• Performances at Java Jazz Festival, Jakarta with special guests Prasanna and Vinnie Valentino
• Ranked #48 in Blender magazine’s ‘100 Ultimate Rock Bands’ among top international acts
• WorldSpace Radio Award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Indian Rock’
• United Kingdom Tour – London and Glasgow
• Middle East Tour – Dubai and Bahrain
• Repeatedly featured in Rolling Stone magazine
• Front man Bruce Lee Mani wins ‘Guitarist of the Year’ at Rolling Stone/Jack Daniels Awards