A mixture of smooth RNB Hip Hop and POP combined. Music that grabs a listeners ears from te time the songs begins untill the song is over. A veriety of vocal range, emotion, and mood transitions all in one song. Music that is new each time you hear with easy enough lyrics to remember and sing along.


I grew up in a state (MN) that has bee pleagued with the spirit of competition and unacceptance as well as great musicians and artist but none the less the lack of musicanship. So as a artist it has always been hard to gain acceptance from my own home. We has have home grown grammy winners, stellar award winners and multi plstinum selling artist in my home who have yet to be accept by our own colony. The strive and fight of my successors for exapample Mint Condtion, Next, Alexander Oneil, Prince and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are the reasons why today i keep fighting for my chance. Threw out the hate they recieve at home for anyone trying to become someone the fight of millions of artist threw out this country trying to make it and the lack of refrences and cosigners needed to make thier music be put in the right hand to be herd they still keep fighting that is my strentgh that keeps me motivated and going. My personal influences include ALL my hometown successors as well as Micheal Jackson, Omaion, Trey Somgz, sammie, carl thomas, avant , Rkelly, dave Holister, Drake, Jayz , Diddy, and many more artist and producers. Music started for me at the age of 5 when i began on the drums in church. As i grew as one of the better known drummers in my city i devolped a great knowledge of music. Thats where i found out the one with the mike singing solo is the main focus even though u may have a twelve piece band 40member chior and dancer on stage as well and thats where I The RNB KIDD was BORN!!!


My Single Hey Girl writtin by me at the age of 15yrs old to cacth the eye of a female in highschool is now and has always been my most popular song. my pop/rnb hits include Shorty So Bad, Hot Like Fire, Like Hey and Kissing on Yo Body

Set List

My show consists of me and 3-4 hiphop dancers the sets would begin with us running on stage at the begging of my most bass pounding song HOT LIKE FIRE then in between each song i keep the fans updated with the top 100 rnb chart songs like trey songz pleasure P rkelly an jerimaih i sing snippets of those cover tunes in between my full songs and always end withthe hottest single in the world today RNB KIDDS HEY GIRL