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This band has not uploaded any videos




Hey girl how u feelin?? That HIT Single The R&B KIDD is laying down 4 2009! While being the newest artist in the twin cities, the kidd is paving the way for R&B to make a major come back. So grab ya ladies!!!!!! ya'll check out my review from vibin---- article 1 The RNB Kid: He steps on stage and I see a young black man, looks like he could be a rapper or...he opens his mouth and begins to sing. His voice is sweet; so sweet Salisea (photographer) is screaming in my ear that we 'have to talk to him'. After his performance we talk to him and his entourage. He was nice, calm, and eager. He didn't have a CD but within seconds someone from somewhere produced one for us. His song is one of those 'put you to bed' types, that just oozes with sexiness and seduction, but the beat keeps you interested and moving which is what takes it from a good song to a great song… The 'Kid' is also multi talented, switching into 'hype man' mode for a fellow artist that heated up the stage with his 'Hood' song. It was great to see artist working together, in fact there were other artists there telling us how hot RNB Kid was… so check back for more on RNB Kid as well..... ARTICLE2Puttin Minnesota to Bed Current mood: cold Category: Music We first met the RnB Kid a few weeks back and once he opened his mouth and began to sing we were hooked! His song "Hey Girl" is so hot that I can just hear it playing over and over on radio stations BarFly he had the whole crowd mesmerized....his song is now being featured on my's blazin hot...needless to say ladies, we will never again need to be put to bed by J Holiday! Happy listening XoXo, DeSeandra inBox Magazine & DvD - Inbox Mag


My Single Hey Girl writtin by me at the age of 15yrs old to cacth the eye of a female in highschool is now and has always been my most popular song. my pop/rnb hits include Shorty So Bad, Hot Like Fire, Like Hey and Kissing on Yo Body



I grew up in a state (MN) that has bee pleagued with the spirit of competition and unacceptance as well as great musicians and artist but none the less the lack of musicanship. So as a artist it has always been hard to gain acceptance from my own home. We has have home grown grammy winners, stellar award winners and multi plstinum selling artist in my home who have yet to be accept by our own colony. The strive and fight of my successors for exapample Mint Condtion, Next, Alexander Oneil, Prince and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are the reasons why today i keep fighting for my chance. Threw out the hate they recieve at home for anyone trying to become someone the fight of millions of artist threw out this country trying to make it and the lack of refrences and cosigners needed to make thier music be put in the right hand to be herd they still keep fighting that is my strentgh that keeps me motivated and going. My personal influences include ALL my hometown successors as well as Micheal Jackson, Omaion, Trey Somgz, sammie, carl thomas, avant , Rkelly, dave Holister, Drake, Jayz , Diddy, and many more artist and producers. Music started for me at the age of 5 when i began on the drums in church. As i grew as one of the better known drummers in my city i devolped a great knowledge of music. Thats where i found out the one with the mike singing solo is the main focus even though u may have a twelve piece band 40member chior and dancer on stage as well and thats where I The RNB KIDD was BORN!!!