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Greg knows progressive music, and we're not kidding. Anyone who cuts his teeth learning to cover bands from Rush to Radiohead has to know his way around a fretboard, and Greg's been into that scene for a long, long time. This isn't to say that he's limited, of course--Bob Marley, the Beatles, and Stevie Wonder all make his list of influences--but at base Greg is fascinated with expanding his musical vision, and the fact he can do so without being either pretentious or tasteless is a testament to his ability. Besides being one heck of a guitar player, Greg has some vocal skill as well, and takes seriously the work of harmonizing along with the "other" Greg and Aaron. On stage Greg plays with skill and style, and is equally talented in both solo and backing work; off it he understands the principles of composition very well, and is a nice complement to the band's songwriting process. A graduate of "Patriot University" (via the University of Maine), Greg now works his magic out of his home in Nashua, where (for some reason) all the band members seem to be starting to congregate.


Given the number of transplants we have in this band, we felt we needed to have at least one Boston born-and-bred member, and John was the obvious choice to keep the Beantown contingent of our fans happy. A long time musician with experience in a number of bands, John plays his bass (without frets, thank you very much) with equal competence and creativity, and his fusion of tight rhythms and melodic lines complement Aaron and Greg G.’s guitar work nicely. And since his main axe is the double bass, we figure we can get admission into those smoky jazz clubs now if we have a mind to. John may seem like a mild-mannered EPA consultant on the outside, but don’t let that polite demeanor fool you—under the respectable veneer lies a passionate musician who’s ready to lay down bass lines and take names. He lives this double life (sort of) out of his home in Somerville, where he’s learned more back routes to secret places in Boston than anyone should be allowed to know.


Originally from Maine, from an early age Aaron wanted to learn guitar in the way that would give him the most chances to play, and ten years of classical guitar training made it possible. Heavily connected to the progressive scene, Aaron cites King Crimson and similar bands as his chief influences in the rock/pop world, and he's learned the lessons of his varied musical history well. Aaron plays instruments both old and new, competent in both the lute and the viola da gamba, not to mention trumpet. But the guitar is his first love, and he plays it with energy and passion. Displaying dazzling technical virtuosity and consummate musical style, Aaron brings innovation, edginess, mastery of complex rhythmic patterns and an electrifying solo sensibility to The Road, along with a quirky sense of humor only he truly understands. By day he is finishing his doctorate in biochemistry at Brandeis; people say his formulas are fun, but you can't dance to them.


Despite his relative youth (maybe you don't think 25 is that young, but hey, it'll be fifteen more years before the kid can run for president!), Sean takes a back seat to no one when it comes to experience and ability. Behind a drum kit for a number of years, Sean can lay down a backbeat with the best of them when necessary, but his true talent lies in his feel and touch, equally comfortable with the odd time signatures and dynamic changes which underpin the music of The Road. But more than a rhythm player, Sean is a true musician who understands and respects the process of composition and the experience of coming together to produce something that matters artistically. His on-stage work reflects the same laid back but dedicated approach he takes to show preparation, both with the same two components: be focused, but have fun on the way. Sean's been having fun musically and otherwise for a long time, and we're happy to have him in the band. Sean is a standup guy who lives relatively peacefully in his home in Jamaica Plain (represent!); he still thinks longingly of his native Baltimore on occasion, but has decided that maybe the crab cakes weren’t all they were cracked up to be after all.


A resident of New York City via New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, Greg has played trumpet for over twenty years and has been writing music for nearly that long. Coming from both a classical and jazz background, Greg's influences are eclectic and numerous, from Billy Joel to Vertical Horizon, from Miles Davis to Mozart. What has always chiefly interested him is the interplay of words and music, the ability to tell a story or express a feeling while enhancing it with song; and he takes his role as The Road’s lyricist seriously. Combining a poetic sensibility with a c