The Road Kings

The Road Kings


the Kings make up an inspired outfit that successfully combines rockabilly, Lone Star blues and metallic rock into a thoroughly entertaining whole. At its best, the band stirs up the most bad-assed, dark and dirty roots raunch around.


The secret to the band's success lies in triple-threat singer/guitarist/songwriter Jesse Dayton. For his singing alone, Dayton gets the nod for this year's where-in-hell-did-this guy-come-from award. A husky crooner who oozes personality with every stylistic stretch, Dayton leaps from weary bluesman to hepcat yelper and blue-metal mauler, somehow combining the better parts of Elvis, Axl Rose, David Lee Roth and Howlin' Wolf. Yeah, it's a monster that sounds scary, but it works -- thanks to Dayton's cheekiness and vocal winks. The cocky workmanship of drummer Eric Tucker and slap bassist Jason Burns make it clear that these boys from east Texas are serious.


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