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Berlin based band receiving scorching live reviews!


The Roads live and play in Berlin, with a fan base growing in Germany and maintaining links with their Czech routes... The debut album went on sale Feb 09, the follow up was released in the Czech Republic in March 2010, and a 3rd album is also in the works. But don't limit yourself to recordings, find THE ROADS live at any of the shows listed.

Our reviews:
"Take the best of well known English guitar bands, mix it with the Beatles and Bowie from the 70s, add a little of their personalised style and you have THE ROADS album, which will hit you immediately, and will keep you coming back for more.”
Vojtech Kugel,

"these guys will succeed, that's for sure... since they have three music markets open to them now, they only have to push a little harder to get to the top of the charts."
Innocence Music Server

"bands which are able to connect music from the past with the present are tough to find! THE ROADS self-titled debut album accomplishes this in unbelievable fashion. And, within their catchy songwriting we can hear influences of The Beatles, which is high praise indeed."
Josef Rauvolf, SEDM magazine

"Imagine, that Neil Young in the Beat Generation worked with the Monkeys to make a rock musical. This is the debut album of The Roads. Within this Czech-British combination we find the finest retro beat and indie rock with synth-pop...sometimes rocking pop, sometimes playful melancholy...this is clearly a quintet with good songwriters at work here..."
Uncle Sallys, CD review


"The Witness" album, released under RGM Entertainment, Czech Republic, March 2010
Listen to the full album at:

"Get it" video single, released on TV Ocko CZ, Ceska Televize, MTV Germany, Radio Express CZ, Radio Fritz DE, Motor FM DE, Radio Eins DE.

"the roads" debut album, on sale across CZ, SK, DE + iTunes here

Set List

45-90 minute electric set, no covers
50-60 minute acoustic set, no covers