The Roast

The Roast


We are an 8 piece ensemble that plays high energy funk music. Our party music gets em' dancing every time, and our shows by reputation bring the house down! With an amazing frontman, a tight rhythm section, and a blasting horn section, The Roast have created a unique sound.


West Australian original funk directive

‘The Roast’ are an 8 piece original funk band consisting of drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, valve trombone, tenor sax, trumpet, and vocals. All members of the group have graduated from the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA).

In the past 18 months they have enjoyed residencies at the Llama Bar, the Universal Bar, the Paddington Ale House, and played occasional shows at the Funk Club. Other performance history includes RTRfm’s ‘Seriously Sound System’ outdoor event in the Hyde Park, and ‘New Years On The Rocks’ at Quarry Amphitheatre. The band have also performed a large number of concerts at wineries such as Wise, Karrack Estate, Upper Reach, and countless private functions across Perth, and Fremantle.

In late October 2006, their debut album, ‘On A Sunday Night’ was launched at the Funk Club to a packed house. The album was produced at Loop Studios over two weeks with help from local engineers Kieran Kenderressy, and Lee Buddle. Since then over 200 copies have been sold without distribution.

Local radio stations RTR 92.1fm, and Twin Cities 89.7fm have given the group regular airtime, and some live interviews promoting various gigs. Local newspapers and street press, the Guardian, Xpress magazine, and The Drum Media have featured many articles about the group.

‘The Roast’ were included in the latest Oz Gigs DVD sampler along side Something For Kate, Regurgitator, and The Whitlams which was sent to the Popkomm festival in Berlin.
Three tracks from the debut album have reached the top ten on the triple j’s unearthed website overall chart.

Recently, the band has organized to have national distribution through Green/MGM, and CD’s will be in stores around the country very soon. In the wake of their debut album release, it’s a very exciting time for The Roast, who have just been nominated for WAMi’s Industry Voted Best Funk outfit, and also are planning to tour the album nationally.



Written By: Mathew Fagan

This sad and lonely man, he was checkin' out the band, cause they we're playing all over the fact that he's got the blues. She's standing over there, and she acts like she just doesn't care, and his friends say man you know she's got the hots for you.

Act cool jimi drop a line, make her believe without a doubt that you're damn fine, put your collar up and talk tough, and talk about important stuff.

You best believe it that you got her number, there's a three day rule, don't be makin' a blunder. The pressures on, she's way too fine, you can't play those same old moves this time.

Because she's cool, she's cool like 23 skidoo, and her friends think you're a fool, meanwhile her friends all over you.

Round 12:35 am, they played sweet music from way back then, and they we're shakin' it up together on the dancefloor. She was shakin' those curvy hips, and she whispered with those filthy lips, she said you ain't good enough for the booty and that's for sure.

Yeah, she's got some nerve, but she's still good for the perve. Yeah, this happens everytime, when you put it on the line.

Because she's cool, she's cool like 23 skidoo, and her friends think you're a fool, meanwhile her friends all over you.


'On A Sunday Night' - Debut full length original album (12 tracks)

Set List

The Roast,
Dance With Me,
Round Three With The Queen,
Things I Hear,
Ten Four Rubber Ducky,
I Will Be There For You,
What Ya Doin?,
Good With The Bad,
The Fine Line,
Party Time,
The Creeper,
On The Floor.

We have enough repertoire to do 3 large sets with plenty of spares. However we prefer to do one set of entirely original stuff. If we ever play covered material, it's likely to be Tower Of Power, James Brown, or Stevie Wonder.