The Rock and the Hive

The Rock and the Hive


We a six-piece indie/rock band from Kalamazoo, MI.


In early 2009, after more than two years since its conception and nearly 10 failed members, The Rock and the Hive finally found a line-up that worked. Since then they've wasted no time getting their music out to as many people as they can by playing shows and handing out free EPs, complete with hand drawn artwork and home-recorded music.
Their music can be best described as indie/rock with a bit of a southern backbone.


Our Home Recorded EP

Set List

Our set is typically 30-45 minutes and consists of the following songs:

Three by Three (alternate)
Auditory Natatorium
This Town
Icharus Roadmaps
The Raccoon
Three by Three (original)
One More Day