The Rocker Brandon Seay

The Rocker Brandon Seay


The Rocker Brandon Seay will captivate you with his innovative live show and class act showmanship. From start to finish Brandon will mesmerize you with his ability to rock as hard as a 5 piece band, WITHOUT the band! How will he play 3 instruments at the same time? Come to the show and find out.


My name is "The Rocker" Brandon Seay, Some people call me The Rock n’ Roll Superman. Since 1998 I have been carrying a torch that everyone has seem to forgot about = The Tradition of Rock n’ Roll. For nine years I have been setting the stage a flame with one ultimate goal in mind: The Resurrection of Rock n’ Roll

My music is a unique yet marketable blend of 90’s Alternative and Classic Hard Rock, I have taken my influences and moved beyond to create my own original sound that fans of ALL ages relate to. My heart felt lyrics, custom tuned strings, and unique vocal style blended with crisp, clean, Harmony’s is sure to breath some life back in to the declining music scene formally known as Rock n’ Roll.

The key element that sets The Rocker Brandon Seay apart from every other band is my innovative live show. I have created a way to Rock WITHOUT a band but maintain a BIG Full Band sound that includes Live Vocals and Guitar ignited with thunderous Bass Lines and technically sound Drums and Percussion.

My method has undoubtedly proven to captivate audiences throughout the state of Georgia as my fan base continues to grow larger and larger.

I put my Blood, Sweat, Tears, along with my Heart, and my Soul, into each and every note of every song I write and my work ethic is outstanding above ALL others. There are no such thing as "Album Fillers" in my style of writing and my main goal is to ultimately define a new sound that will ensure a future for Rock n’ Roll. So please, have a listen and let the music speak for itself. GOD bless.


Rockstar I AM +

Written By: Brandon Seay

All this time you said to me...

"You will NEVER be! It's too hard and your not Good enough!"

But I told You I would find a way and I prayed you'd live to see the day...

Take it all in stride, It will come with time. I never believed your negativity.

So to all of you who ever doubted me, My Talent or the Music I play THIS IS FOR YOU...Watch ME FLY!

Written by: Brandon Seay


1. The Rocker Brandon Seay "Welcome 2 Psyphocotica" (2004/Full Length 12 Song Album)

2. The Rocker Brandon Seay "Black Hat Conspiracy" (2005/Full Length 12 Song Album)

3. The Rocker Brandon Seay "Never Ready, Always Willing" (2006/Full Length 12 Song Album)

4. STiiLPOiNT "STiiLPOiNT" (2006/4 Song Demo)

5. STiiLPOiNT "Bleed Every Note" (2007/Full Length 12 Song Album)

6. The Rocker Brandon Seay "Rock N' Roll Superman" (2008/Full Length 12 Song Album)

Set List

1. Introduction
2. Ready 2 Xplode
3. The Watered Down Revival
4. Rockstar I AM+
5. Live My Dream
6. Somebody
7. Man of Steel
8. Bleed Every Note
9. My Everything
10. Phoenix from the Ashes
11. My Sweet Nicole
12. Sea of Sin
13. Thunderstruck (AC/DC Cover)
14. Bloodstaind Memory