The Rocketsmiths

The Rocketsmiths


Kaiser Chiefs, Fratellis, The Living End and Modest Mouse playing a post apocolyptic carnival.


Picture yourself in an abandoned theme park. The rollercoaster is dilapidated, the merry go round a collection of twisted metal and cobwebs. The big top still stands, although shabby and dirty, in the middle of the park. Suddenly, the old tent lights up and strange music booms from the inside, cutting through the humid night air. A constant, throbbing beat grows faster as you run towards the thin streak of light shining from the entrance. The music seems to encompass everything around you; the decaying carnival, the deep night and the long grass brushing past your legs. There is no hint of danger as you burst through the tent flap and into the bright surrounds of the Big Top’s interior. Standing on a stage in front of you are five young men with powerful voices and a sound like no other; they are Rocketsmiths.

Brisbane’s Rocketsmiths are one of the best up and coming bands in the Australian music scene at the moment and recent times have proven why. After releasing their second critically acclaimed EP, “Meet Horace and Clyde” in July 2007, the band have gone from strength to strength all over the country after a series of impressive tours, support slots and incredibly exciting and energetic headline shows. The past 18 months have seen them share the stage with the likes of We Are Scientists (USA), Presidents of The United States of America (USA), Juliette And The Licks (USA), British India, Operator Please, The Whitlams, The Gin Club, Little Red, The Boat People, Bluejuice, The Paper Scissors, The John Steel Singers, Yves Klein Blue and Cuthbert & The Night Walkers as well as being booked for both The Valley Fiesta and Festival Of The Sun playing alongside Gotye, Butterfingers, and Clare Bowditch.

Playing a style of music that has been dubbed everything from “Carnie Rock” to “Vaudevillian Indie Rock Popabilly”, The Rocketsmiths sound (and play) like no other band in the Australian music scene and their latest EP, which was released nationally through MGM in July last year, is just a taste of what this amazing band from Brisbane are capable of. With songs like the catchy and energetic Modern Life (which received good airplay on national youth broadcaster, Triple J), the frantic rockabilly-esque track, Worth It and the upbeat ballad, Some Time of Mine, this band showcase what is best about the Brisbane music scene right now; a unique, upbeat and exciting sound.

With bigger, better and more intricate new songs being written at a frantic pace by the band with a change in direction not foreseen by anyone including the boys themselves, the Australian music scene will be waiting with bated breath for The Rocketsmiths’ next EP which has just been recorded with ARIA award winning producer Magoo and is set for release in October 2008 with a buzz about the new release already evident throughout the industry.

This energetic, exciting and extremely unique band are certainly ones to watch over the next 12 months with their style of music that is energetic yet restrained, quirky yet mature and hip yet totally uncool.

“These boys looked like they were about to explode from the amount of fun they were having onstage, and each song just got louder and faster and crazier. They definitely warmed the crowd up and stole the show for the night… The songs were all catchy and captivating and all these wonderful things that make it impossible to tear your eyes away for a second, and when their final song, “Tale of Two City Boys” ended, it was a little sad.”

“There's something really special about this track (Modern Life). I was pulled in at the very first verse and totally won over by the chorus. It's old school lo-fi rock with a bouncy brit edge. Great sing-along melodies, a couple of nice stops, some bop ba bahs and rockin' guitar riffs. The rest of The Rocketsmiths' EP is good - but this is really great!!”
(Dan Buhagiar – Triple J)

“Fun, distorted vocals and pure pop… This is a tops song and one you want to sing along to.” (Zan Rowe, Triple J)

“You'd be hard-pressed to find a more consistently entertaining or engaging local act than The Rocketsmiths. EP favourites Worth It and Modern Life are attacked with panache and gusto, while material from their October-due second EP is nothing short of impressive. Keep an ear out.”
(Andrew McMillen – Rave Magazine)

“Their sweet pop-inspired-punk-meets-country sound had the 400-plus crowd having a good ol’ shin-freaking-dig… they sure do know how to command a crowd and form allegiances.”
(Rachel Surgeoner – Rave Magazine)

For more information on The Rocketsmiths please contact Dominic Miller (Manager) on 0418 151 402
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June, 2007 - Meet Horace And Clyde EP
2006 - Act One. Scene One. EP
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Set List

Jeepers Creepers
Time Management Classes
Modern Life
Fake Vegas
Worth It
The River
Tale of Two City Boys
The Boy who Cried Misery
Man With A Gun