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Belleville, Ontario, Canada

Belleville, Ontario, Canada

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Anti-Everything (Even Yer Mum)

Claiming to be fallen US soldiers reanimated by a defiant military scientist, THE ROCK ONS - survivors of a series of biological warfare experiments - have been reprogrammed by the good doctor to rock you. The infection of their debut album sets in strong with the intoxicating, burning sensation of "Never" and "(I'm in love with a) Punk Rock Lesbian," a bratty valentine that allows "lyrical terrorist" A.K. Rock's androgynous, Jello Biafra-meets-Johnny Rotten sneer to begin turning the screws slowly. And though they may perform in full army-zombie regalia, these shamblers pick at more than just flesh; rigid religion, the crippled economy and the brainwashing power of television and advertising are all readied for the feast too. Musically, the band's sound may still be developing into something definitive, but there's no mistaking the ferocity of the message and the fun they're having delivering it. Rock on indeed.

- Trevor Tuminski
( 3 1/2 Skulls )

- Rue Morgue


debut CD "Anti-Everything (Even 'Yer Mum) was recently released and is presently being distributed to radio stations and available for purchase on-line and select stores.



THE ROCK ONS were concocted by Professor Johnny Rock, a military scientist in The United States. As part of an on-going series of biological warfare experiments, the professor was able to re-animate four fallen U.S. troops. Once zombified, the four soldiers were reprogrammed in a psychological experiment to reject and contradict their military training. The result was more than successful in terms of the professor's views. But the U.S. military saw no benefits in the experiments and shut the project down. In an act of defiance and rage, Professor Rock smuggled his band of zombies from the States and took refuge in Canada. The professor needed to find a way to present his findings and send out his message to the world.
Thus, THE ROCK ONS were born...

The undead members perform decked in a "punked up" camouflage that compliments the appearance of their decaying flesh. THE ROCK ONS simultaneously present their political attitude with farcical flare. With songs like "Puritanical Regions", "Lets Destroy The Economy" and "T.V. Lies", The Rock Ons deliver loud, electrifying music with a political message. With "SK8N' N' DrinkN'", "Squat" and "(I’m In Love With A) Punk Rock Lesbian" the band displays their sense of humour. Their influences are as diverse as bands such as Suicidal Tendencies, The Dead Kennedys, and The Sex Pistols to filmmakers such as Michael Moore and George A. Romero.

THE ROCK ONS is an act to see LIVE. The band has played numerous shows throughout Ontario with some notable bands including Die Mannequin, The 3Tards, Dame, and dd/mm/yyyy.

THE ROCK ONS have recently released their independent debut CD “Anti-Everything (Even ‘Yer Mum)” and will be on tour in support of the album Spring/Summer 2008.