The Rocks Affair

The Rocks Affair

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"One of the most exciting dance rock shows to hit Brisbane in recent times" (Timeoff Magazine) The Rocks Affair: A young rock band with a fresh new sound. Their emotive dance rock sound has won them a Music Oz award. They are now taking their debut ep "Shadow Skins" onto the world stage...


From the band room of their highschool to becoming one of the brightest indie rock acts in Brisbane, The Rocks Affair have spent seven years shaping their unique sound.

Lead singer Tim Bateman states his own particular musical sensibilities " I want to do more than make great dance rock, I want to at the same time make the hair stand up on the back of the listeners necks and bring tears to their eyes"

Having already one the prestigous 'Producers Award' at the Music Oz Awards, and supported some of the countries biggest acts including Jimme Barnes and The Whitlams the band are now releasing their first ep "Shadow Skins.'


"Shadow Skins" ep (To be released November 2007)