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Washington, Washington, D.C., United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Washington, Washington, D.C., United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band R&B Hip Hop




"Charm City Spotlight RockStar"

DMV group Rockstar – made up of Vibe, Narley and J. Alexander – are on the verge of something big. What started out as a high school band (they specialize in saxophone, piano and drums) has turned into original and professional music coming soon in the form of an EP they call 1401. What’s slated to make it unique is their textured range – instrumental, vocal and cross-genre.

The group hails from down the beltway in the DC/PG County area, but says their first show was in Baltimore. In their interview up top, the guys discuss their views on all music in the DMV, break down who’s who in the group, and share details on their upcoming performance at the local Entrepreneurs Rock event celebrating entrepreneurs in the DMV on June 30 (click here for details).

Check out their music video for “Reason They Come” below! - Aliya Faust


(2017) Back To That  Single(2019) Debut Ep "1401"  Album 

  1. Reason They Came
  2. Rockstar
  3. Pull Up
  4. Fuck It Up
  5. Back To That ft. Benedetto & Lil Leek
  6. Simon Says ft. Benedetto & Toon
  7. Johnny Bravo
  8. Dangerous 
  9. Change Positions
  10. Broke My Heart  



Rockstar started off as bandmates who wrote and performed songs at pep rallies and school assemblies at high school. By senior year, their peers convinced them to take music seriously. Then called “Tru Legacy,” the trio went on to release a song called “The Promise” on YouTube, which went viral in a time before social media was a big deal. Afterwards, they released their inaugural mixtape -- ​The Incubation Period​.

Just as they were gaining traction, the guys had a falling out with their manager, and the label they were signed to collapsed. Through all the adversity, Vibe, Narley, and Xander have remained a united front. Together since 9t​ h​ grade, they’ve learned how to overcome personal and professional obligations. After overcoming the drama, the guys decided to rename themselves Rockstar.

Vibe is the group’s head writer and patriarch, keeping everything intact and everyone motivated. The lead singer, Narley, has the strongest vocal abilities and leads the way in the studio. Xander, the youngest, provides Rockstar with its fire and energy. Truly eclectic, the group doesn’t have a genre. They can sing and rap, and their stage presence is incomparable. Above all, they’re musicians. Vibe is a saxophonist and pianist, while Narley and Xander play drums.

Rockstar draws inspiration from early-2000s heartthrobs like Mario, B2K, and Day 26. These artists inspired them as they were growing up, and their influence is evident in the music Rockstar makes today. They are also fans of homegrown talent like Ryan Leslie, Tank, and newcomer Rico Nasty. They also cite The Beatles as an inspiration – Rockstar intends to wipe their names from the history books by becoming the top-selling group of all time.

Rockstar’s EP ​1401 w​ as released in November. ​1401​ is the address of the original Fairmont Heights High School building where Rockstar first met and made music together. When writing ​1401​, no bar or line was wasted. Some songs took weeks to finish because the guys wanted to make sure they were putting out the best product. They locked themselves in the studio, and battled it out until the project was complete. The results are amazing. Their favorite songs are “Change Positions” – a track that pays homage to Aaliyah, and answers her hit song “Rock The Boat” – and “Broke My Heart,” a song Vibe wrote in high school based on Narley’s real-life experience.

Real musicians and artists will see the genius in what Rockstar does once they hear ​1401​. While bubblegum rap and whichever songs have the most money behind them tend to get a lot of attention, their talent is going to kick down the industry’s doors and gain their peers respect. Rockstar has been doing the leg work and garnered a fan base, but they haven’t garnered much revenue. They are looking to establish themselves as premier artists in the DMV, and then expand outwards.

1401’s​ executive producer, Dave Knocks, has been an amazing coach and helped to mold Rockstar into who they are today. They’ve been otherwise independent and self-managed. They group has had media training, rehearse religiously, and have undergone artist

 development. They’ve performed throughout the DMV – Club Bliss, The Cherry Blossom Festival, and The Fillmore. Now, it’s just a matter of exposure, which is why they want to be an opening act for any artist going on tour. Rockstar’s set is bound to standout.

In the future, Rockstar sees themselves putting out albums regularly, winning tons of Grammys, establishing an entertainment company, and branching out into acting and merchandising (think: action figures and a cartoon series reminiscent of ​1401’s c​ over art). Back in Fairmont Heights, they didn’t have the best equipment to make their music, so they want to go back home and ensure other budding musicians don’t face those same challenges.

To connect with Rockstar, follow them on Instagram (@therockstarway) and Twitter (@TheRockstarWayy).

While the group was in the artist development period, Vibe also wrote music for other groups (namely, ​4EY "The Future,” who had a hit song with “Scoot Over”)

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