The Rocky Raccoons

The Rocky Raccoons


A 3 piece "power pop" / rock band with catchy songs and harmonies.


The Rocky Raccoons have a high energy sound, with a great pop feel. To listen to them is to commit to at least three days of songs stuck in your head. This band will stand apart based on their unique guitar sounds and original melodies. Trying to make light of all the darkness on the airwaves The Rocky Raccoons hope to bring an upbeat feeling back to rock 'n roll. So come listen and escape the world for a bit.


Gonna Getcha

Written By: The Rocky Raccoons

why not laugh when you see your reflection
cause i can't see you when you're walking away so
time ticks by and you're lying to yourself
and i don't think there's anything left to say
your petty lies won't make things better
i don't know just what to do there's no tricks up my sleeve
so take this down if we're gonna be together
i don't want this anymore so why don't you just leave

oh! i see now what you're about and you're no exception
oh! don't freak out don't look now someone's gonna getcha

take me on a ride I'm swimming in your tears
yeah so by now i can hear it in your voice
i can't see how we done it through these years
and i can't see how you left me with any choice
we've tried this out and it won't get better
i'll believe it when i see it you won't get by me now
you'll be around and it just won't matter
your paranoia's so annoying why don't you just break

you keep turning me away
you keep trying but your lies are catching up
your lies are catching up

oh you love to need the attention
oh i need to get the connection

Here We Go

Written By: The Rocky Raccoons

she doesn't know any better
so careless with my heart
she's driving faster then she should
she won't slow down even if she could

subtly i'll say maybe you should stay
and our fights bring us down
till you won't see me around
here we go

i don't know any better
so careless with my heart

Get On With It

Written By: The Rocky Raccoons

I'm trying to get you back but
I'm so lost and there's no where
for me to give in
I'm going out to explore the life you took
and i'll get lost all in spite of you

i'd like to think that we are soldiers
fought the battle and we got much older
yeah we wear the scars and we lost our hearts

turn me down turn me inside upside and out
its such a thrill to be the one you hate
so i'll move on with the taste of losing you
a tickling feeling and a sigh of relief

well i remember when you said
that you're going to leave me
well i stop and think about it
I'm better off without you

i like the feeling of being set free
life goes on and it gets so easy


Debut Album - "Penny Arcade"

Also featured on The Oingo Boingo Tribute album, "Dead Band's Party" with the song "Little Girls".