The Rod Of GOD

The Rod Of GOD

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Red Tie, blue shirt, executive blazer/ get ya grades up you dancing wit danger/ in the gym like razors, contagious/ the foot work, upper cuts like jonny cage's saving, lay men from famine/ Spirit filled with flavor/ cater/ play the book worm for The MAKER/ ALPHA OMEGA, Genesis like sega


My music is all me- I keeps it original like
The Men of Knights- I spit tall puns and metaphors
Hip Hop to the core just Spirit Led by The MOST HIGH---Example "I'm on a pyscho path wit no gun"
you see you can break that down 10 times
"coming for ya s(e)oul like Cho Seung, wit no "Virginia" TECH,,, just a lil bit of "hokie" HOPE
I know HE rose for those he smoked
blind less like Don Imus....we know he know Left from Right like Our SAVIOR CHRIST gave Life to give Life...that's why The Prince of The Air under my feet like Jordan Nike's-or British Knights authentic life...sentence....for GOD be My Witness


50 packs/ Go Fish

Written By: Rod of GOD

(50 packs) FATHER said like the card game
go fish/ never knew pain concealed
so much sense/hence, it's hard to relax/ surrounded by opinons and not enough facts/ such as the earth being flat, nature sounds like nursery naps/ call it, child time how i nurture tha track/10 percent from a stack/ running back like cadillac/ 50/50 if you really wit me...if not
let it burn like lil nikki/
keep it hot like pepper pot/
a step above like debra spot/
over here you a never rot/
made it reign like Heaven dropped
50 pack for a hundred gwop/

(Go Fish) I thank GOD for being special to me/
HE gave me heart- I gave HIM thought- I thank GOD for pouring blessings on me
made me something to be/
my flesh dead,
that's how I rest in peace/
HE took death from the Beast/
and It's Sting to a bee/
pinned Sting,
now He Fish in the WWE/
another level you see/
Empowered for living,
know you can't
borrow whats giving/
when it's yours Go Fish The Word


I Got my first mixtape out called
"The Right Hand of GOD Mixtape Volume 1"
it feature artist from ATL to JACKSONVILLE, different genre's as long as you saying something i'm all for it.

Set List

Songs range from 2:45 to 5:50 I do my own artwork different rep each time if led to do so