The Romanovs

The Romanovs


If Trent Reznor, Kate Bush, and The Arcade Fire had a love child, The Romanovs would be it.


Thieves and the green fairy! Smoky torch singers and trapeze artists! Too much champagne, torn silk stockings and the never-ending lull of the backstage… As a band, The Romanovs indulge in the idea that performance is still magical, full of spectacle, lush, over the top and requires one to entertain an audience completely. Each player is a product of the classical world, all having been trained in their respective instruments from a very tender age (piano, cello, violin and opera). As such, the music they create reflects the large symphonic sounds and delicate melodies of classical music but also shows their appreciation for the rock music they all feed on.

Not a stranger to the gypsy lifestyle, each performer has traveled across the globe to perform with accomplished artists. As a group they have opened for bands such as Rasputina and Paris Loves L.A., and have toured with Veruca Salt. Wes has supported Justin Timberlake, played the Grammys, soloed with national orchestras and serenaded the dedication of the Heifitz studio. Morgan sang on international trailers for such films as “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”, “Pride and Prejudice” and “Lady in the Water”, the newest Clay Aiken album, and has recently returned from Wales where she collaborated with the French electronic band M83 (album to be released in January 2008). Ana has played with Arthur Lee and LOVE, The Eels, Trent Reznor, Queens of the Stone Age, A Perfect Circle, Gnarls Barkley, ZWAN, Kidney Thieves, Brian Wilson and Sparkle Horse to name a few and Dan is the founder of Music ‘N Me, a school dedicated to music education for small children.

The band has been impossible to pigeonhole in terms of style, but lauded as one to watch and listen. A recent attendee to a performance summed them up dramatically, albeit perfectly: “Taking pride in an overtly expressive style, they're intoxication at its finest. It's a rendering of delicate compositions, paramount extravaganza and dramatics slit straight from a stage of master musicians. They are, at their best, sound manipulation, gigantic crescendos, and…humor. Watching this menagerie was exhilarating, and the question of breaking isn't 'how', but rather an immediate 'when'.”

In the meantime, The Romanovs are set to release their newest effort “…and the moon was hungry…” in Japan in the fall of 2007. They continue to conquer the well-known stages of Los Angeles and pursue their musical agenda with antics that have begun to ensure their rise as the next indie catch of the day.


Fever Pitch

Written By: The Romanovs

This is the only way I know myself
From here to here
And sometimes here to here
This is the only way I see myself
When I’m a good girl
From there to there
Build me a fountain, all in my honor
A reason to keep on a reason to follow
This is the only way I know myself
The all important there to there!

Put me next to another
They’ve got gadgets and gizmos
All I have is a torso
A box with a pipe and a shutter
It heaves and swells
It sighs and it yells
Build me a fountain all in my honor
A reason to keep on a reason to follow
This is the only way I know myself
The all important there to there!

But they’re just notes
And they mean nothing
And they will ring
As long as I hold them
But they’re just notes
And they mean nothing…

See me run
From the swiftest of melodies
See me run from the fever
Of hammers and cables
But they’re just notes
And they mean nothing
And they will ring
As long as I hold them


Written By: Morgan Kibby

The kiss of peace
Started off the evening
We do laissez-faire so well
A guarded pair we are
We watch our words
And we pretend not to care

But last time we touched
Was on the left side of the porch
Desire for days
But buttons never left their ports

The Kiss is in the chemicals
Who needs a lover
When you’ve got a new best friend?
What could be better than this alibi?
This feeling that I wouldn’t care
If I was dead!
If you kicked me now I wouldn’t flinch
The beauty is the chemicals
Qualify the kiss

You take my hand
You wanna lead me to the porch again
I’m sorry to say dear but this time...
I must insist
This time we set sail from here...

If we could just fuck
And never have to touch
Life would be perfect!




Mr. Okada

Written By: Morgan Kibby

Dear Mr. Okada
I am writing this letter
For I find your life echoes mine
In the strangest ways
I just had to write you
The man who created you
Oh what a beautiful mind
Oh what a lovely head to get inside
Peek around, sit astride
Ooh…no one invited me….

Do you drink the water or the wave?

Oh Mr. Okada
I have stepped into your fiction
Which is fantasy and reality to me Don’t you see?
Oh! I am ready
Said the teeth to the thigh
One ear to the soil
With my bridle held way up high one invited me...


I catch the train, sit next to you
As we, chit-chat, the coast falls away
The lullaby of steam and time
It throws me into a fitful sleep
The branches point
They are like pistols
The urge along our playful minds
And…on into the deep dark forest
We will whinny and we will whine!
With sugared feet
We flee the captors we precede
We run real deep
And I come to as the train approaches And you are gone
And I’m all alone again…



Beggar's Alchemy - EP
....and the moon was hungry...-LP

Set List

Typical set is 45 minutes long and includes a selection of from our current list of 16 songs. These include: The King, La Mer, Nice Day, China Shop, Exit Wounds, Four Things, White Flag, Kiss in the Chemicals, Shot the Monster, Misssed Me (Dresden Doll cover), Excess Habits, Olden Times, Black Acres (Elysian Fields cover), Fever Pitch, and Mr. Okada.