The Romantic Exiles

The Romantic Exiles


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The Romantic Exiles, affectionately known as ‘The Exiles,’ include members of the former group Chasing Sunday and are led by frontman Peter Carucci.

The band, as Chasing Sunday, released two albums and is currently recording their third, their first as The Romantic Exiles. Their first album, Shauldeseen's Pocket, was released in 2001 both in the States and in Europe and features "The Month," a Top 50 Radio Single in Spain for Chasing Sunday. In 2003, the band released Realize and solidified their signature “jaffopop” sound, best described as a full blending of jazz, folk, rock, and pop.

Exiles Peter Carucci and Andrew Robinson have also released a Christmas cd under the name The Sleigh Boys - listen for them during the holiday season! The Romantic Exiles perform throughout the Northeast.

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(As Chasing Sunday:
realize (Lawn Gnome Records, 2003)
*featuring Steal Away (written for Peter's grandparents), Realized and the popular mandolin journey, Peregrination.

Artkore - A Hoboken Sampler (2002)
*featuring Child

Shauldeseen's Pocket (Lawn Gnome Records, 2000)
*featuring The Month - Top 50 Radio Single in Spain (#44). This cd was also #10 on the Heatseeker Top 20 Best of New York 2001 Rock Chart, and two tracks, The Month and Child made The Top 100 Heatseeker Tracks of 2001. The Month even won Best Alternative Rock Track in New York City by a Group for 2001. )

Set List

The Romantic Exiles perform full evenings of original music.

The Exiles also play hours of covers and are known to play for 4 to 7 hours at a time.