The Romeo Flynns

The Romeo Flynns

 Detroit, Michigan, USA

A sleek mix of Detroit power pop that will rock you till your ears bleed.


Like a cup of sugar in a mug of oil, like banana pudding with broken glass, Detroit’s Romeo Flynns will rock you till your ears bleed, and you’ll thank them for the pleasure. These Motor City purveyors of candy-coated hard rock mayhem entice you into their world with promises of nicey-nice song-smithery, then turn their guitars up to 11, no 12, and play harder than their boyish looks of innocence would have suggested.

The Romeo Flynns have stamped their Detroit signature on a blend of British Invasion bands like the Kinks and the Who, and the arena rock power pop of Cheap Trick and Big Star. This melting pot approach to their influences has enabled them to create a sound that is entirely their own. They have unleashed two self-produced albums on an unsuspecting rock scene, consisting of shake-your-mane songs that will make Mommy and Daddy dance while the kids rock out from their poster-decorated bedrooms.

Formed in 2006, Frontman/Guitarist Dorian Lee, Bassist Jimmy Moroney and Drummer John Sarkisian have shared the stage with the likes of Grand Funk Railroad’s Mark Farner, Rhino Bucket, The Look and Scott Morgan and the Irrationals. They have played a string of festivals locally, nationally and internationally including the International Pop Overthrow Festivals in Detroit, New York, Chicago and Liverpool, England.

When arriving at the John Lennon Airport en route to the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool, England, in order to play the Pop Overthrow Festival in 2009, the band members ran into a glitch at customs and were deported. By sheer luck, they were permitted to stay in the country for 24 hours and managed to find their way to the Cavern where they were able to play a set before returning home.

Their 2008 debut album, Pictures of You, earned them a Grindie award from and was named one of the top releases of the year by Detroit’s Metro Times newspaper. Using “thick beats, big choruses and an arena mentality,” this concept album paints the all-to-familiar story of love gone awry. Composer Dorian Lee leaves no stone unturned in the well-trodden journey of joy, grief and acceptance when it comes to matters of the heart.

Their 2010 follow-up, Masque of Anarchy, features 13 well crafted and impeccably produced songs that include covers of Badfinger’s “Baby Blue” and Bob Seger’s “Lucifer.” Darker and more introspective than their debut CD, Pictures of You, their subject matter covers a variety of topics including love, their deportation from England and, most importantly, the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll.

Adopting the mantra of the Tuff Darts’ “It’s all for the Love of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” the Romeo Flynns capture the very reasons we fell in love with rock ‘n’ roll in the first place.

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Dance the White Line

Written By: Dorian Lee

Lying in this tomb
Staring at my open wounds
Something very strange infects my brain
From this greasy spoon

Doesn’t bother me at all
Staring down at these four walls
I’m not afraid of the height cause baby wound this tight
I don’t have too far to fall

Hey when you finally realize
There are serpents in disguise
Don’t you worry
I’m in no hurry
(Just) Dance The White Line

An ordinary man
Doing everything I can
Well here’s the straight dope, there ain’t no hope
No matter how well you plan

Abandoned by my dreams
A victim of their half-baked schemes
Well you just can’t cope when you walk the tightrope
Chained to the machine

Oh how you’ve tried to break me
Tried so hard to recreate me
I guess I’ve let you down again
What are we fighting for
You let loose the dogs of war
I’ll tell you this my friend I,
I think this is the end of days

Hiding from the truth
A product of my misspent youth
Well I feel no pain but I can’t explain
Why my legs won’t move

Dance the white line

Don't Leave Me Now

Written By: Dorian Lee

I don’t mind you telling me you’re leaving
That’s alright, I’ve been down that road before
It’s unkind But I’m sure you have your reasons
Just one thing before you step outside that door
Take your time love
Make your mind up
You know it’s not too late

Don’t leave me now
All the best times have yet to happen
Don’t leave me now
Together we can find the Passion–Again

I’ll admit, I’ve been easy for distraction
How many nights have I left you all alone
Thinking back to our moment of attraction
I’d be a fool to ever let you go
Let me say this
Since that first kiss
You were always on my mind

Ahh Ah Ahh Ah
Comes a time you have to choose
Ahh Ah Ahh Ah
I can’t tell you what to do
Ahh Ah Ahh Ah
Forget the past it’s yesterday
Ahh Ah Ahh Ah
Girl I’m begging you to stay

In my mind’s eye
Alone I know I
I will never find my way

Masque of Anarchy

Written By: Dorian Lee

You, you’re 8 miles in the sky
So you can’t hear their cries
And we can’t reach you anyway

You, you dig the latest trends
Safe in your Mercedes Benz
And we can’t reach you anyway

Tonight, is where I draw the line
Tonight I’m gonna do just fine
Tonight, I’m gonna take what’s mine
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight

You, your worlds so clean and neat
They worship at your feet
And they can’t touch you any way


And in the end you’ll claim you’ve been misunderstood
Like some kind of modern Robin Hood
Your highbrow friends claim hard times does the people good
So much for the Age of Chivalry
You left us with all this misery
And now your chickens have come to roost

We, we’ve got you on the run
Down the barrel of our guns
And you can’t stop us anyway

You, you still can’t see the truth
We are many and you are few
And you can’t stop us anyway

Tonight You thought you could take us while we were asleep
Now see what lies behind the Masque of Anarchy


2008 Pictures of You
2010 Masque of Anarchy

Set List

The Romeo Flynns play 45-90 minutes of high-energy original pop rock.