The Rooster Brothers

The Rooster Brothers


The Rooster Brothers hit you hard and fast with their upbeat Americana rock & roll. They're bluesy, funky, a little bit western gypsy. Whether it's two or two hundred in the crowd, young and old, the people get up on their feet and dance...oh yes, they dance.


The Rooster Brothers were formed in the fall of 2007. Each band member's musical background is unique, but their chemistry as a group was immediate, and they went on to craft the fun-loving, thoughtful, blues- and folk-infused rock sound for which they have become known. Since their first show in September 2007, the band's easygoing style, showmanship, and songwriting abilities have been apparent to audiences of any demographic. Their 2008 release, "Will you be my friend", reflects the band's musical versatility, and their collective commitment to creating interesting, well-written, good-time rock music.


Will you be my friend November 2008

Set List

Our set list can range anywhere from 8 to 20 songs. We've played sets as short as 30 min and as long as 3 hours. Our originals are as follows: Black Sand, Why O Why, O Brother Where Art Thou, Hello All You Ladies, Walk Two Lines, January Rising, October, Drive, Two Many Lonesome Nights, Mona, It's Coming Down, Daddy Long Legs, Blind, Keep Smilin, Promises. Some covers we do: Aeroplane (John Hartford), Cash Mash Up (a medley of four Johnny Cash songs), Can't Stop Thinking About You (Martin Sexton).