The Rose Avenue Sinners

The Rose Avenue Sinners


straight up rock with a little alternative and a slight metal influence then throw in a bit of country and blues mix it with acid/stoner rock and there we are.


We are Four guys who play what we want to play.
our influences are all over the place from White Zombie To Hank 3 And Everywhere in between.
everyone has different major influences and we blend it all together and have a good time doing it! We are not a cover band we might play a cover every now and then but we love our own music

Set List

we have about 19 originals,Corehard,Dirtnap,spin the wheels,lovepump,the run, the wrench, Knife in the neck, Humbug st,gettin what you get,minimal,the creeper, etc, etc, we dont play more than two sets. and they are 45 min long