The Rosedales

The Rosedales


A greaser quartet from beyond the grave. If you like Social Distortion, The Misfits and Elvis, you'll dig The Rosedales


Combining equal parts of Classic Punk, Rockabilly,
Modern Rock & the Melody of Elvis, The Rosedales
are resurrecting everything that made 50's rock & roll so cool. Songs about chicks, hot-rods, ghouls & ghosts are all-original and involve no explicit lyrics. Many fans of The Misfits, Social Distortion and The Beach Boys are adding The Rosedales to their list of worshiped idols.

The Rosedales were known as The Onlys since the release of their debut recording, "Gravest Hits", on Friday, October 13th, 2000. After many successful shows in Chicago, Colorado and Wisconsin, The Onlys created a buzz in the haunted music community. In 2002, The Onlys became The Rosedales. The new name is based on the Legend of Rosedale Park in Chicago. Visit our website to learn the history of The Rosedales and the mystery surrounding haunted Rosedale Park.

The official release of The Rosedales full-length album finally arrived at the end of October 2003. The CD release party was held just before Halloween with special guest Dr. Chud from The Misfits. "Raise Your Spirits" includes ten original Rosedales songs including a remixed version of the hit song "Frozen Ghost" from The Onlys Gravest Hits. "Frozen Ghost" has been heard on radio stations in Ft. Collins-CO, Kenosha-WI, St. Louis-MO and on Q101's Local Music Showcase in Chicago. Antidote Records considers The Rosedales to be "a true stand-out in the horror-rock genre."

The Rosedales travel to gigs in a Hot-Rod 1965 Cadillac Hearse. Known all across the Midwest as "The Ride of Frankenstein", this hot-rod hearse has been spotted at popular live music venues, record stores and cemeteries. With orange flames on the hood and a creepy coffin in the back, curious kids wonder if The Rosedales are a rock band or a group of evil super villains.


Frozen Ghost

Written By: The Rosedales


Her name was Marie, morbid curiosity, I cant wait here any longer The whole world is a grave and my hearts in silent rage, now I know Ill have to wander

By myself, by myself

I feel Im not alive and I see it in your eyes when I watch you walk right through me I'll haunt you every night, make you beg for morning light, you can never fool me

My sweet Marie, youre the one that I miss most I Left you standing all by yourself Sweet symphony, Im feeling like a frozen ghost And Im standing all by myself

By myself, by myself

In The Dark

Written By: The Rosedales


Where were you when I needed you most? You turned youre back on me, I felt just like a ghost Wanting to make you my one and give you everything that I have

Whoa, I never thought youd feel this way Whoa, On this night I have to prey The time has come for you to understand what Im feeling Its time to learn

Didnt have to end this way, but it did for now In the dark Didnt have to end this way, now youre six feet down In the dark


Written By: The Rosedales


Night, is falling to the ground and masks this town in Black, I wandered through the forest and watched in horror

A searing light came down and covered over me The forest came alive with electricity Forces pulled me up and I was so afraid This cannot be my time please send me on my way

Nocturna, she whispered thats my name Nocturna, flowing through my veins

Its Midnight

Written By: The Rosedales


The moon is bright, all the stars seem to be out tonight The frost bites, November's wind cuts right through my spine

Its midnight..waiting for her The cornfield..sways like the ocean

I know a place where we can go Through the woods, a place that no one knows I know a place where we can go Make sure that youre all alone

A glowing light, she appears and stands before me This cant be right, I fall down onto my knees

Leaves are dancing all around Revealing the mystery I look up to the ground I see a headstone with her name

I know a place where we can go Through the woods, a place that no one knows I know a place where we can go Make sure that youre all alone


Hit Single: Frozen Ghost
Debut Album: Raise Your Spirits
KCSU-FM - Ft. Collins, CO
KNSX-FM - St. Louis, MO
WIIL-FM - Kenosha, WI
WKQX-FM - Local 101 - Chicago
Rebel Radio - Chicago, IL
Futuro 88.9FM - Santiago, Chile - S. America

Set List

The Rosedales play 60-90 minutes of original songs influenced by The Misfits.