The Rosette Guitar Duo

The Rosette Guitar Duo


The Rosette Guitar Duo's music is like a Khazakhstani folk song, combined with an Indian raga, an indie-pop hook and some African styled polyrhythmic drumming-all performed simultaneously with classically trained precision on only two nylon stringed guitars.


The process of meditation draws us inward.
At the same time it opens our eyes to an expanse beyond ourselves. The music we hear in our daily lives brings with it this experience - lifting us out of our earthly realm while at the same time isolating us in our understandings and response to sound.

The Rosette Guitar Duo crafts music that invokes the spirit of meditation in all of its forms - relaxation, contemplation, rejuvination, and joy shimmer through the delicate tones, rich harmonies and intricately woven melodies that the Duo masterfully perform.

Since 2001 the two members of the Rosette Guitar Duo (or RGD as their fans call them) have collaborated in creating a new and innovative music that at once pushes the boundaries of what is commonplace and embraces the familiar. Since its inception, the RGD has performed hundreds of shows across Canada and its members have refined their approach to realizing music of substance and integrity through four recordings of original compositions. Both members are classically trained concert guitarists in their own right and bring this level of attention to detail, passion, and skill to the Duo's music. This devotion to the performance aspect of music combined with each members varied musical experience and wide range of influences creates a rich palette of sounds that resists catagorisation and truly sets the RGD in a league of its own.The RGD continues on a unique creative course with the latest offering entitled "Meditations", an album which brings the duo ever closer to musical transcendence.
Composing and performing their own brand of contemporary instrumental fusion music, the duo brings a fresh sound to the realm of the classical guitar by combining elements of Classical, folk, jazz, ethnic, and pop music from the world over into an enticing mix of sounds and textures that is distinctively their own.

Since their inception, the Duo have appeared at many events in and around Edmonton including CBC live broadcasts from the Winspear Centre for Performing Arts, Global Visions Film Festival, Syncrude Nextfest, art gallery openings, as well as their own self-produced concerts. They have also appeared as guests of the Edmonton Classical Guitar Society, at the Jasper in January Winter Festival and for the Medicine Hat Jazz Festival.

2004 saw the Duo on a concert hall tour of Western Canadian which spanned from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Victoria, British Columbia; encompassing 13 cities over a 3 week period in support of their album "Portage to Tunnel Mountain", which was released in 2003 to critical acclaim. The Album has had considerable airplay on CBC (Richardson's Roundup, Discdrive, Northern Lights), CKUA (Folkroutes), and CJSR radio, as well as charting on the community radio charts as far afield as Kamloops, B.C. Four of the singles from the album have registered over 30,000 downloads on the music website and the CD has sold all over the world, from Australia to Germany. Currently the Duo is working on a follow-up album which is due out in late 2009.

Singles and EPs since include the "Prescriptions Single" and the "Wooden Dragons EP" which the duo toured in 2006 all across Western Canada from Whitehorse to Tofino to Winnipeg and everywhere in between. The two albums have appeared in top 30 lists in campus/ community radio stations across Canada.

Their current musical approach combines elements that truly explore what the guitar is capable of in terms of sound and texture-pushing the instrument to its very limits.

The duo claim a broad palette of artists as influences. Everyone from Bach to Bob Dylan, Ben Gibbard to Ravi Shankar, Godspeedyoublackemperor to Agustin Barrios Mangore. It's all in there and comes out in our music. As far as performers in our genre goes Dominic Frasca and the Kronos Quartet comes to mind as visionary individuals who are also working to bridge the gap between classical music and more contemporary forms.

Kevin Marsh was born to play guitar.
An early introduction to music through the singing of his mother planted the seed of music deep within Kevin's soul and he has spent his life dedicating himself to nurturing it. Kevin has been on a musical path for nearly 30 years, experiencing many different instruments from percussion to baritone - sitar to bass guitar. No other instrument moves him as the guitar does. He has dedicated his life to its study, pursuing a bachelor's degree in Classical Guitar studies, during which time through playing in chamber ensembles he came in contact with Mike and subsequently formed the Rosette Duo. In addition to classical guitar, Kevin has studied Indian music through the medium of the sitar, bluegrass, jazz, and has played in a number of rock groups in the Edmonton area. He also composes and performs his own brand of folk inspired music. Kevin is always breaking new ground for himself and this eclecticism comes out in his contributions to the music of the Rosette G


Meditations (2009) Sonic Landscape
Wooden Dragons EP (2006) Sonic Landscape
Prescriptions Single (2005) Sonic Landscape
Portage to Tunnel Mountain (2003) Sonic Landscape
Evergreen EP (2003) Sonic Landscape

Set List

Standard is 2 sets - 45 minutes each; culling material from albums and from an unrecorded library of about 7 pieces, including a 20 minute epic called Meditations. The majority of the other tunes are around 3 - 6 minutes in length