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"The Rosies"

An original and super-melodic indie rock five-piece etching out a niche with driving music and haunting three-part harmonies—the Rosies are a female fronted band with balls. As soon as the first chord is struck, incredibly, audience members disrobe—it's such a phenomenon, in fact, that the band is thinking of changing the name of the band to Musical MDMA. Great first date concert. (And they are all incredibly good looking, too!) - Girls Rock Girls Rule

"Best Up-and-Coming Band on Long Island"

Long Island rock has been in a bit of a drought since the end of the emo gold rush, but it seems to be back on the upswing. The Rosies are a female-fronted rock quintet who play soaring, sharp, hook-filled alt rock. (For a reasonable comparison, think The Cranberries—whose “Zombie” is covered by The Rosies on their MySpace page.) The band’s first CD has just been released—in fact, you can attend their CD release party on Jan. 16 at an acoustic all-ages show at Hot Topic in Bay Shore. - Long Island Press


*The Rosies (Self-Titled)
*Girls Rock Girls Rule Compilation Album 2008
*Girls Rock Girls Rule
Compilation Album 2009

Woman of Substance Radio Show



Most bands out there are easy to define as one genre or
another and can be tucked away into a neat little box.....

But Suffolk County’s The Rosies, who were recently named
Long Island’s Best Up and Coming New Band by The Long Island Press,
defy such easy classification, challenging
listeners with its infectious melodies, powerful vocals and three-part
harmonies backed by driving, and at times dark and haunting, rock, blurring
genre lines along the way.....

And when asked what genre they’d consider themselves, the
quintet’s lead singer, April Jimenez laughed. “Let me know if you figure it
out,” she said. “We don’t sound like anything we’ve heard before, and I don’t
know if that’s a good or bad. We don’t fit in one genre. We’re a little bit of

of the group. So, if you coin a new musical genre for them, make sure you let
them know.....

Forming out of the ashes of indie rock outfit Mars 96,
Jimenez, along with guitarist Jenny Garay and bassist Brock Gibson, originally
founded The Rosies two years ago as a three-piece group in order to focus on
their vocal harmonies. Eventually, though, they added Eric Solomon on drums and
lead guitarist Steve Goldstein, who also plays in The Unattended, to fill out
their sound. ....

“We’re all friends,” Solomon said. “We all come from such
different backgrounds… and it all clicked when all five of us started playing

Now the group is excited to release its self-titled debut
EP. With Goldstein at the helm as producer, The Rosies selected the five
strongest songs in its repertoire that best represented what the group calls
its experiment in intellectual rock. Armed with a shoe-string budget, the group
did as much as it could on its own, cutting corners where it could and having
the EP mastered by a friend of Goldstein’s, who has a studio, Red Lines Audio,
in San Francisco. “We had to do things the cheapest way possible… For the budget
we had, I think this thing sounds pretty f'n good. This CD, I feel, is going to
finally give Long Island an accurate taste of what The Rosies are all about,”
Goldstein said. ....

The EP will be Goldstein’s first time producing an album,
and he definitely played a role in shaping the direction it went. “I've always
wanted to [produce,]” he said. “The band let me rearrange some of their songs
and freshen them up a bit and also I was able to write some new songs with them
that you'll hear on the album – ‘Realize’ and ‘Watch the Gap,’ which is all
about how much I hate the Long Island Railroad!” ....

Generally, many of the songs the group writes are rather
dark, which Goldstein says might surprise fans and friends because “we’re not a
dark bunch.” He added, “But to be honest, everyone has dark moments.”....

Garay said, “I don’t write happy songs. I can’t write a
song happy.”....