The Roxanne

The Roxanne

 Fribourg, Fribourg, CHE

The Roxanne has pop and folk influences and is subtly traversed by it's members musical studies of jazz, blues and Rock N Roll. The songs are based on one idea: make efficient and elaborated music. The ttrio worked hard to record an ambitious and well-grommed album. The band is well gig-experienced.


The rockband trio The Roxanne was formed 2007 in a small basement in Fribourg, Switzerland. The three musicians, influenced by their rock n roll, jazz and blues studies, rapidly created their own sound: more brute than their idols, altough as subtle.

The Roxanne got most of its experience durring gigs.

The trio recorded a debut-single in 2009, which gave the band helpful experience to the recording of the first album in 2010. The Roxanne overworked its sound, made it smoother and subtler.

The bands name is a reference to the trio The Police: The drum-bass-guitare formation is a minimalistic formation, The Roxanne works hard to get most out of it and present an energic, vitalic and dancy music...

100% pure energy!


- 2009 EP The Roxanne (avaiable on iTunes, eMusic, napster, yahoo, etc..) ; diffused on several local radios and websites.

- 2010 Beginning of the album recordings.

to come:
- 2011 Single and clip for the album "The Big Chiefs In There" - The Roxanne.
- 2011 Album release "The Big Chiefs In There" - The Roxanne.

Set List

Depending on the concert, from 10 to 15 songs, 30 to 60 minutes.
Whatever the gig is: ever 100% pure energy!