The Royal Heist

The Royal Heist

 North Hollywood, California, USA


A highly-volatile group of gentlemen from Los Angeles, The Royal Heist posses a unique swagger rarely seen in modern indie rock bands. Formed in 2005, the dance-heavy act features Everett Connors (bass), Collin Pulsipher (vocals), Charlie Paz (drums), and Donato McDermott (guitar). With their new full-length album “Midnight In The Garden Of Evil” (2010), The Royal Heist are pushing themselves into a category all their own. Driving bass lines, a rock-solid backbeat, subtle guitar riffs, and fiercely unique vocal styling set them apart from the hoards of cookie-cutter musicians currently in the forefront. Their high-energy live show, combined with a razor-sharp look and sound, make The Royal Heist a force to be reckoned with.

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The Scene ep (2007)
Midnight In The Garden Of Evil (2010)

Set List

1 lock and load
2 take take take
3 gallows
4 beg for more
5 fight or flight
6 sin city
7 anything for you
8 dance with the devil