The Royal Illete

The Royal Illete

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Royal Illete was founded in 2000 by a heavy metal group named L.A.C.E.D, a hip hop group named A.L.F.A. and a street poet named Noodles. We currently have a huge following in St. Louis and are looking to trade shows with out of towners. We perform laid back party hip hop. One of STL finest!


Pure hip hop with a wide spectrum influence. From street music to horror hop we cover it all. Whats sets us apart from other bands is that we came from other bands of diverse music influnce to create this collective. From heavy metal to jazz and we incorporate it all in our music.


A.L.F.A. "Plight of The Living Dead EP"
Nyquill "Tales from The Medicine Cabinet"
Royal Illete "Taking Under the Overground"
Royal Illete "Kings English"
Noodles "Best You Never Heard"
Nyquill "Chapstick!"
The Misguided Education "Horror Movies & Latex The EP Vol 1."

Set List

We can do up to 20 songs including spoken word and freestyle, Our dj's can also rock te house all night.
All we needs are 3 mics and a quarter inch!