The Royal Sun

The Royal Sun


"If the Flaming Lips hooked up with Boards Of Canada and the Mahavishnu Orchestra for a sunrise jam session in front of a lake, this might be what it would sound like." An intriguing description; we like it.


The Royal Sun gathered its members in sporadic recording sessions in late 2005. Once the recording for their first, self-titled EP was complete, the Greensboro, NC based four-piece took on the task of reinterpreting their adventurous music for live shows. This approach instantly gave the band a unique group sound and has shaped their writing and performance ever since. All members being accomplished performers of a wide variety of music, The Royal Sun produces an eclectic mix of smart, modern indie rock which also noticeably nods to their backgrounds in jazz, electronic, and royal folk music.


The Royal Sun - self-titled EP '06

Set List

Our sets consist of all original material and often include interludes to make the set run seamlessly. We like to put on an engaging show instead of the standard start/stop song to song format.
If opening we aim for an approx. 35 min set depending on what the venue or other bands want; if headlining we currently perform close to an hour.