The Rubbish Zoo

The Rubbish Zoo

 Los Angeles, California, USA

We are an indie rock band that aims to craft colorful, intelligent songs hung upon catch-heavy hooks. Our sound is sunny and accessible yet subverted by lyrical themes that are bittersweet, escapist and decidedly nostalgic.


This Cheyenne, Wyoming quintet moved to Los Angeles in 2010 to form The Rubbish Zoo. After fine-tuning their sound through an initial run of shows, the group self-recorded their first EP. Following avid promotion and networking, TRZ received gleaming reviews from musicblogs, magazines and independent/college radio for their first collection of songs.

The band continued to develop an energetic, electric live show and played sets at popular venues like The Roxy, Detroit Bar and The Mint in LA. This then propelled them to visit larger venues including the San Diego Fair, OC Fair and the Queen Mary.

Soon after, the five members sat down to write, self-record and produce four new tracks. Released in the spring of 2012, The Rubbish Zoo EP is the band's most effective summing up of the five individuals - with a sound that is wild and diverse.


The Rubbish Zoo- EP- 2012
The Hidden Harbor- Single- 2011
A Great Detective Race- EP- 2011

Set List

Gypsy Hands
I Don't Know Where I Go
The Hidden Harbor
I Can't Be Trusted
(Cover Song)
Bring Me Back
Look Alive
Consume Every Child
More Ink Than An Octopus