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Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan | SELF

Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan | SELF
Band Rock Rock




"Great rocker(THE EMERALDS)"

Selected "THE FINALIST" at we are in 2006

"Vocal delivery great. Cool retro sound, powerful and catchy. Can't
understand words so hard to evaluate. Good sections, make musical
- Steve Williams

"Great rocker! Excellent guitar riff! It's familiar in a 60s-ish kind of way, but yet EXTREMELY modern. I have no idea what the Japanese lyrics are saying in the verses, but it sure sounds great to
me! In any case, the repetitive "talk about love" chorus is a well-crafted payoff -- very satisfying indeed amidst the complexity of the riffs, rhythms, and the fast-moving Japanese lyric. Fine work
- John Stevens

"Interesting vocals, rock guitar sound is fun, very familiar and
trendy yet also unique with the vocals."
- Dory Benami,

"Original.. made me and the kids laugh out loud!"
- Charlie Mole

"Great punk production. Is this in English? Good song form with
sections that change just as we become used to them. Just the right
amount of repetition. The verse 'chanting' could be the symbol of
this song that people love, or what alienates listeners."
- Andrea Stolpe,

- we are listening


First album will be released on this winter!



The members of "The Rubies" came from various backgrounds... Kazuya and Osuke were known as members of the band "The Emeralds" having played at the SXSW for 6 consecutive years. Daisuke; known as the drummer who can "sing and dance" was originally a member of the band "Clarabell", where he first met with Kazuya and Osuke at the SXSW2005, later to join forces with Kazuya and Osuke in starting the new band. Then, along came the mysterious "Taro" who plays the Tambourine. Taro was "found" by the members during one of their "KARAOKE" nights at a Karaoke studio in Tokyo... Together, the four formed the group "The Rubies" in 2009, and all four of them wear bright red pants as their "trademark".
The Rubies wasted no time; as soon as they came together as a group, they performed at the SXSW2010 as "The Rubies" and made their presence known as "one of a kind" band with their unique rock 'n' roll performance leaving a strong impact on the audience. The Rubies' live performance can really be an "experience" for the audience, with the members running around from one end of the stage to the other, creating craziness & hype, and sometimes dry humour - an unexplainable mixture of music and entertainment...making the audience wonder if the band really want to play music or something else?! But this mixture of rock 'n' roll and entertainment has started to capture and mesmerize the audience around the world, and the band's presence grows stronger and more mysterious with every live performance they play!
And now that the band have started to receive offers from various events all over Japan, The Rubies are thinking of stretching their "red pants" (performance outfit) legs to events and live performance opportunities around the world. You can rely on The Rubies to show the audience a great time with their crazy live performance, because with The Rubies; it's "Pary Time"!! "If eveyone can dance to the music, the world will become a better place" - by The Rubies. There's no need to think, it's time to dance! Let's dance with The Rubies !!

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