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Manhattan, Kansas, United States | SELF

Manhattan, Kansas, United States | SELF
Band R&B Funk


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"The Ruckus' new album could become 'pulse' of local music scene"

You might have seen the "elephant head" fliers around Aggieville promoting a CD release.
Brilliantly produced by Nicholas Istas at the Colour Room studio, the sophomore effort "Never Stop" by The Ruckus is an exemplary album. In fact, this CD just might be the new pulse of the Manhattan music scene.
Two years in the making, the sum effort is everything you could want as song after song captures the energy of the band live, making The Ruckus enjoyable anytime.
Kicking off with the familiar live opener, "The Ruckus is Going to Rock You," the listener is taken on an adrenaline-filled, sweaty adventure with a ska forte, but also touching ragtime, folk, reggae, punk, dixieland and jazz — with a groove that hits like a freight train from start to finish. The album has it all - stories about love, pancakes and lost ambitions — even a redemptive hand-holding tune about friendship called "Don't Slit Your Wrists Just Yet."
It is difficult to find a complaint with a project filled with so much passion, as the effort is reflected in the music. All incorporated elements seem to have a way of complimenting each other; it's apparent there is no weak link in the chain. The horn section arrangements are stellar, the vocals are heartfelt, the bass and guitar parts are epic, and the drumming is sublime, but no combination of adjectives can bring justice to describing this album; you'll just have to pick one up. - KState Collegian

"Local band The Ruckus works to gain regional fame"

For the last four years, local ska band The Ruckus has been bringing the noise. The band's name has become synonymous with Aggieville and the type of good times you struggle to remember the next morning.

For those unfamiliar with the genre, ska originated in Jamaica in the early 60s and achieved mainstream popularity in the U.S. in the early 90s. Ska music is very upbeat. Modern American ska features large brass sections and heavy punk influences. The Ruckus is an eight-piece band with five brass players.

Despite playing a genre that hasn't been widely popular in 15 years, The Ruckus has arguably become the most popular band in Manhattan in recent memory. The group attributes its success to playing fun and lively music.

"There's a surprising number of people who will come out to a ska show if they know about it. I think it's because we play party music," said trombonist and vocalist Matt Hubble, senior in performance. "I definitely think we're a lot of fun live."
Fans of The Ruckus agree that it is the liveliness of the band's performances that attract them to the shows.

"You can say whatever you want about the music, or the popularity, but it's fun." said Jimbo Ivy, senior in Enlish and creative writing.
Ivy said he appreciates that the band doesn't take itself too seriously and focuses on creating a fun atmosphere for the fans.

The Ruckus formed in spring 2006. In its early stages, the band was not much more than nine college guys taking Aggieville by storm in the name of "free drinks for the band." Since that time, the band has had over 20 members. But perhaps more notable than the numerous changes in the band's lineup over the last four years — they've had six drummers alone — is their shift from drunken college musicians to a professional-sounding band with a clear purpose.

Bassist Chris "Maxwell Murder" Maxwell, senior in business management, said he feels this change in the band's direction has been central to the group's development.

"Lately the big (change) I've seen with the group is the unity and maturity towards more of a professional group," Maxwell said.

He also said the band's establishing a more permanent lineup has been important in this shift in their music.

The change in The Ruckus's artistic approach has not gone unnoticed by fans, many of whom have followed the group since its early stages. They are quick to point out the changes the band has made in the quality of their music.

"When I saw them three years ago, they were a little rough," said Ed Harrison, a soldier stationed at Fort Riley. "But things got better, they're at the top of their game right now."

Harrison said he has seen great improvements in the band's harmonies and he appreciates their dedication to old-school ska.

In recent months The Ruckus has impressed not only music fans in Manhattan, but across the Midwest. In fall 2009, the band began performing regularly in Denver, Colo., Lawrence and Lincoln, Neb. Maxwell said beginning last spring, they felt they had established themselves in the Manhattan music scene as solidly as possible and began establishing themselves as a regional band. Last spring the band purchased a van, enabling them to play out-of-town shows regularly, an event that the band says was a turning point in its progression.

Last semester the group played a show nearly every weekend, the majority of which were out of town, and they have nine out-of-town shows booked for the remainder of the semester. Their success in gaining fans from other states was apparent at a recent show at Auntie Mae's Parlor in Aggieville. Eric Hammond, an avid fan, said he had driven seven hours from Denver just to see the band, the second time he had done so.

Hammond said it was the caliber of the musicians that motivated him to make the long drive.

"As far as a new ska band, they are far more progressive and far more skilled," Hammond said. "The musicians are college-educated, they're really talented and they're a lot of fun. The shows are impeccable."

The Ruckus's plans for the future include continuing to reach fans outside of Manhattan and hopefully to play on the east coast, where there is still an active ska scene, this summer.

"We've got a lot of momentum right now, a lot of commitment and a lot of talent, and I feel like if we keep the momentum going we can go somewhere," Maxwell said of the band's future. - KState Collegian

"Local bands boost college parties, create lasting memories"

There's nothing wrong with listening to Jay-Z rap about how awesome New York is, but there's something even better about hearing local artist Dropjaw rhyme about life in suburbia. Lady Gaga boasts a beat you can dance to, but the Ruckus and The Low End drop a beat you can't help but dance to. I've never had a better time at O'Malley's than last August's end-of-the-summer performance by the local reggae stars in Muzizi. - KState Collegian


"Get Serious" - 2006
"Never Stop" - 2009
"Get Up or Stay Down" - March 2011



The Ruckus was born in 2006. Since that time, the band has revamped more than a few times, and has seen over 20 members come and go. The current (and finally semi-permanent) line up is a diverse group of individuals that love music, love having a good time, and love to help others do the same!

The style of the Ruckus is hard to define - at a show you'll hear unique lyrics, a grooving rhythm section, and tight horns. Put that all together and you have a formula that gets people up and dancing, while their worries are nowhere to be found.

Their newest album "Get Up or Stay Down" is their best yet, but with all the new songs that have been brewing, the band is already looking forward to recording their next album. In the past year the musicianship and performance ability of the band has improved tremendously, and there is no sign of this stopping anytime in the foreseeable future.

The goals of the band include getting out of Kansas, taking the Colorado scene by storm, hitting up as many festivals as possible, recording another album better than the last, and eventually become a national/international touring band that can share the good times with the world.

Check out our music, hit us up on Facebook, and most of all, keep on livin.

The Ruckus loves you.