The Rudy Schwartz project

The Rudy Schwartz project


The Rudy Schwartz Project is the brainchild of Joe Newman. His insane musical rants have garnered constant praise by the press and has earned the adulation and respect from the music industry and names as diverse as Jello Biafra of Dead Kennedy fame!


If Frank Zappa had been born in Mexico and grown up watching American cartoons, American sleaze-schlock cinema and American televangelists, he might have sounded like this. Insanely cheerful, hate-filled tunes from a man in Austin, Texas who calls himself The Rudy Schwartz Project. Still hungry?


Moslem Beach Party: 1985
Plastic Containers retain odors: 1986
Bowling for Appliances: 1987, Re-issued in 2008
Soloman Dave: 1988
Don't Get Charred...Get Puffy: 1991
Yodelin' Satin: 1993
Enhanced Florence Henderson: 1994
Droplets on the Rim: 1994
Gunther Packs a Stiffy: 1995