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The Ruffian Arms

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"The Ruffian Arms"

Tommy's Tavern
1041 Manhattan Ave., Greenpoint
Punks and metalheads gathered in the back room of this Greenpoint dive to see the Ruffian Arms, a glam quintet led by an Amazonian redhead dressed in red-and-black fetish gear. The rest of the wildy attired band (male and female backup singers dressed as cheerleaders, a drummer in underwear, a bassist wearing some sort of faux-fur bikini bottom, and a guitarist in a full-body fishnet) matched their leader's satorial and musical enthusiasm, partcipating in bandwide cheers and pom-pom fights while their trashy, punky, rockabillyesque sound kept the room bouncing along.
At least deserves: an A for effort - New York Magazine

"Who's Afraid of Ruffian Arms?"

Submitted by Wayne on Mon, 2008-01-21 22:19.
Last weekend when we decided to open up TI and started taking open submissions, little did we know how unruly the results would be. But maybe for a control freak, loss of control can be a sexy thing. Well right now our friends on the scene have been testifying to the messy joy that was a recent gig by the art-band Ruffian Arms, TI said "Ruffian Who?" and artist Jayson Keeling broke it down like this. "The Band Ruffian Arms, led by my friend Big Red aka Alison Ward, along with her band mates April Swallows, Dir Rocks Off, Randy Islands, Rosie and Bear Cha Cha have to be seen - to be believed." I am positive, that along with many eardrums, they blew the fucking roof off Fontanas in the East Village last week. The band mixed a potentially lethal stew of free-flowing improv, performance art references, loosely choreographed dance steps and unleashed a sonic barrage that overflowed with plenty of punk noise and bravado. The band mixes genres freely without hesitation or self-consciousness. Imagine Rocky Horror Glam meets busty burlesque by way of Vaudeville and don't forget to throw in a few cheers (with black pom poms no less) with beats and grooves like the ones Debbie and her friends rode 70's style! You know... back when she did Dallas.
The Ruffians recently threw a costume birthday party for Red, that was one of the best parties I have attended in years. Freaky freedom abounded, gender confusion, boys in drag kissing boys then girls, then back again, dry humping homo thugs, girl on girl action, artists, and plain old sweaty revelry. I received a temping proposition from a very sexy couple but, alas my energy was spent dancing so hard, while others literally passed out! - The Imagist




In late 2007 The Ruffian Arms was born from the limbs of Visual Artist, Alison Ward (Big Red). The 5 piece band combines Big Red's Caburlesque aestetic with strong rock musicianship. They receive repeat invitations to play some of NYC's key music venues and are steadily building a strong fan base. Their following of Punks, Rockers, Performance Artists and pure fun lovers are as eclectic as the musicians themselves.