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The Rugs

Plymouth, Michigan, United States

Plymouth, Michigan, United States
Band Rock Funk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Blowout Handbook"

Jean's Bar

12:20 a.m. — The Ruggs: If you're into the Velvet Underground but lack the energy to give a shit about much, you might dig these wigged and frocked kids who, obviously, also lack the energy to give a shit. Maybe they'll show up in prom gowns? Moobs or GTFO! - MetroTimes, Detroit

"The Ruggs - Ear Candy"

The Ruggs

Everybody's Surfin or The Ruggs Go On A Diet


Neo-psychedelic punk rock glory and tumbled-out, guitar-gored shambled pop; Ruggs will be harder to pin down for any who want to quickly shunt them into the basement realm of lo-fi noise-rock. While the EP's aesthetic is a bit coarse, solid rock sensibilities are deliciously fuzzed-into-its folds, from the fiery glam rock strut of "Machine Guns" to the post-punk punch of"Impressions" to the fractured funk and anthemic guitar-grimaced hustle of "Savage Henry." — Jeff Milo Worth a listen: "Savage Henry" - Jeff Milo, Real Detroit Weekly

"Year Of The Ruggs"

The Ruggs' genesis lies between Bonnaroo and a Shark Attack. Guitarist Ivan Grass and bassist Rob Streit's parallel high school paths intertwined after graduation when the former spotted the latter in a Fugazi T-shirt at a party. They've been friends ever since. In 2006, Ivan, 22, met Johnny Naife, 21, at Bonnaroo, introduced by Johnny's Shark Attack bandmate at the time, Rob, 25. The two of them "tripped out" together, according to Ivan, and "sparks flew," Johnny assures. From that night on, "the chemistry was there," Johnny says, as they regrouped back in Detroit. "Two years later, that notion was actualized."

Only they weren't called The Ruggs — they were Oatmeal. And, yes, that was partly inspired by Rob's year-long informal breakfast regimen. They span the arch from garage punk to head-swimming psychedelia to high flying jangle-pop.

Now The Ruggs, Ivan sees the band as "colorful, surreal, garage punk artwork with heavy psychedelic and funk influences." "Basically," Johnny adds, "I just tell people we're a rock band."

"The three of us have so much in common," Ivan remarks, "from the music we listen to, to sense of humor, to our political standings, to our interests in science and deep space." And breakfast. Their first EP, Everybody's Surfin or The Ruggs Go on a Diet, is available this summer (with artwork by Ivan). They'll also release an LP in October. "Besides that, we'll just try to play really loud and make friends and get messed up and jam and fuck around." | RDW - Jeff Milo, Real Detroit Weekly


Still working on that hot first release.



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