The Ruined Frame

The Ruined Frame


Cinematic folk, loose-brained rock, lyrical and archaic.


Rick Weaver began the Ruined Frame namesake in 2005 as an umbrella for his musical and visual endeavors. The Ruined Frame’s first two full lengths were recorded, performed, written, and self-released by Rick. Around the time of their conception, Weaver traveled with Yukon, Deer Tick, Jessica Reifler, and Human Host on three U.S. tours, opening each night as a solo artist. The performances weighed heavily on surrealistic stories, cinematic presence, and nightmarish folk.

The next phase of the Ruined Frame began in 2007. Rick was joined by percussionist Nick Podgurski (Yukon, Extra Life), multi-instrumentalist Tracy Conway, and engineer and bassist Kevin Bernsten (Flowers in the Attic, Hollywood). The quartet began and ended within a year’s time frame, playing a series of shows and leaving behind a powerful recording entitled The Weight of All Filth self-recorded by Bernsten and the band which demonstrated the eclecticism and dynamics of the performers and the songs.

The Ruined Frame Quintet formed shortly thereafter, joined by multi-instrumentalist Ari Schenck and percussionist Brian Litz. The Quintet was the mightiest of all Frame incarnations yet, using guitars, vocals, percussion, synthesizers, Rhodes piano, harmonica, saxophone, and violin. The band, fresh off their summer tour, is recording the fourth full length, Moving Water.

Simultaneously, Weaver has begun recording a solo record with the title Three Red Lights, and has reappeared under the name the Ruined Frame in a new solo form. His addition of drums and mouth instruments to his guitar and vocal interplay adds a fuller and looser energy to his body of songs.

Rick Weaver co-operates Human Conduct Records, an aggressively independent label which hosts the buds and blossoms of bands and projects with which he involves himself - such as The New Flesh, Sexually Retarded, Human Host, Organ Donors, and Flowers in the Attic. To date, all the major Ruined Frame releases, including three full lengths, two EPs, an art book and a box of artifacts, have been released on Human Conduct.


I Hear Her Through the Wall

Written By: Rick Weaver

you are etched into my nerves
violent exit through the spine
they stretch one million miles
they roam and blink like satellites
i'm reeling in those lines
i'm shoving them back inside

stripped my body for the presence of all flesh
scrapped my severed parts of no consequence

yes, she's alive, i hear her through the wall

you are extended sight
the birth the core the life of all
i'm peeking through the glass
with my filthy eyeballs
you'll be my companion
says my clammy calloused palms

you sweetly sleeping
i breath all over you
lurid cricket chirping at you in your room

yes she's alive i hear her through the wall

Craftsman of the Clouds

Written By: Rick Weaver

tears are memories that drip inside
in the form of vapor they babble lamentations
they mourners drip tears
as incense is burned

the clouds are overlayed
by a lucid white face
in a white suit
with a briefcase
with one thousand cogs and springs

"I am a craftsman and
I have learned my trade
every nook and cranny and
every trick and twist.
You whinny and breath and
I will run you out.
Empty your houses
Empty your children"

he dangled fortune
he rolled the wheel
he set the rules of fate
now everything's left white
and stripped of its taste
crinkled and trampled
like leaves in the fall

"I am a craftsman and
I have learned my trade"

Patapsco Valley Fog

Written By: Rick Weaver

I'm at the ends of my mind
my limit
And I see it flash behind my eyes
sounds going on and on
I consider everything
write in magic ink
And I pawn it when I am through
or else pass it on to you

I am smaller than I was
Because I have ditched some thoughts

I see the sickness in my face
The seasick prison I created
I bring it to a head
And watch my poison spread

I stay out late proclamating my
foggy spiritual aim
where walls can turn either way

I am made from the whole
It is out of my control
I am a foolish rogue
Up upon a totem pole

The things you list they are concrete
But I cannot walk on them with my slippery feet
Instead I let coincidence
And chance to lead and define me

It's in the dark I do my learning
It's in the dark I find my way
Now what you would call your beacon of light
I would call my blind spot


The Weight of ALL Filth LP
"Sing a Pleasant Song" EP
The Mask Room b&w art book
Box EP
The 7,000 Corners LP
Daily American Torture split EP
Big Dumb Blur LP

Set List

Typical set list:
Patapsco Valley Fog, I Hear Her Through the Wall, Gaze, What Now, Buttercup?, Three Red Lights, Codes of Law, Strike the Strings, Ruthlessly Blind.
Sets are 25-35 minutes long. I cover Bob Dylan, Steely Dan, Can, Townes Van Zandt.