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"Back on the Rumfits Wagon"

Back on the Rumfits Wagon

By Marnie Deal

The Rumfits have been one of the staple bands of Albuquerque for about 5 years. In fact, if you’ve ever been to a party with a bunch of guys standing around a trash can fire, that had more PBR and Sailor Jerry Rum than a strip club’s annual stock pile, you were at Casa de Rumfits, or at least a Rumfits endorsed party. If you can’t remember going to a party like that, you were probably the guy passed out in the corner. They bleed booze and punk.. With the new album to be released this summer, they are setting sails for a new tour, but not without another hurrah here in their hometown.

Deal: Kevin's the fresh meat to you guys, how do you like the change?
EVIL: Hell yeah we are happy with it. Kevin brings something to the table we haven’t had before. He’s nice fresh meat, like a new pack of virgin hot dogs; you have to stick your fingers in slowly.

Deal: You've played a lot of shows, what was the most exciting show thus far?
JD: Our return home show after our tour last summer, Forth Yeer Freshman and White Fudge from Denver, CO helped us rip up Burt’s Tiki lounge...there is still glass from that night everywhere

Deal: What’s the favorite song to play on stage?
Kevin: Broken Home
JD: Let’s Sk8
Evil: Take it Back
Twitch: The last one we play.

Deal: If you could tour with anyone, who would it be?
Rumfits: Darkbuster, Hudson Falcons, The Addicts, Rancid, Time Again, Resilience

Deal: How do you prepare to go on tour?
EVIL: We make sure we have everything prepared, with booking of shows and settlements before hand. We practice our set lists and mix it up depending on who on the bill and where we are playing.
JD: We don’t just hope a show falls in our lap and get paid over $1000 for it...we aren’t rock stars, we have jobs!

Deal: Who's got the worst job? Who's got the best job?
EVIL: Kevin has the s***tiest, he cleans up s*** at the hospital, JD sells s***. Twitch sells booze to drunk people
KEVIN: Does evil have a job?
EVIL: I sit on my a** at Atomic Cantina. It pays the electric bill!

Deal: Do you like being on a label? What's the best part?
EVIL: Yeah, Leonard Apodoca and Socyermom Records have helped us a lot, with tours, trailers, the CDs and support.
JD: We are getting our name out to some bigger ones, and soon you will see

Deal: What's the strangest thing you've asked for or will ask for on a back rider?
JD: We haven’t specifically put out a rider yet, so basically we ask for a good show and plenty of booze and smokes

Deal: What's the favorite brand of rum?
Rumfits: We don’t even like rum...
Evil: I’ll take free shots of dark rum only. Not Well Liquor Please!

Deal: What's the story behind the name?
TWITCH: It came from a song name twitch thought of. He was dealing with alcohol withdrawals, or delirium tremens. The name stuck. We all have had our shakes.

Deal: Who was the coolest person to show up at one of your parties?
JD: Time Again, The Hollow Points, Love=Death, Broken Bones, Total Chaos. The list goes on and on. As far as specific people, the cop who wanted Jeffus to strip for him.
EVIL: Neil Patrick Harris (NPH) got drunk and threw up on our dog, Bella.

Deal: What was the craziest thing to happen at Casa de Rumfits?
JD: The meth lab raid, surrounded by cops early in the morning getting called out by loudspeaker and handcuffed and put in white suits. The neighbors love us.
TWITCH: Listen to "Home Cookin’" you’ll get the jest.

Deal: Who's the heartthrob?
Rumfits: Twitch is the skinny good looking one.

Deal: Biggest Pet Peeve?
Rumfits: JD on tour snoring while we sleep, or try too. The plan is always to get drunk and pass out first before he does!

Deal: Favorite local band?
Rumfits: Black Maria, Icky and the Yuks, Dermas, Sycorax, 45 caliber sluts, Demons, The Unemploid. The list goes on; well it ends at certain ones.

Deal: Anyone you would like to thank in your climb to success?
Rumfits: Special thanks to The Rumblers for everything, Darkbuster, Socyermom Records, Atomic Cantina, & all the drunk fucks who come to our shows.
TWITCH: The Phenomonauts.
EVIL: The Failures, Rat City Riot, Midlife Chrysler, especially Divebar, Forth Yeer Freshmen and everyone in the 505!

You can catch The Rumfits antics on May 5th for Atomic Cantina’s anniversary party, May 9th for the Metallica Tribute Night, both at Atomic Cantina, or May 16th at the Annual Rumbler Thunder at Blue Jeans. Check www. myspace. com/rumfits for details. For their parties, details are usually spoken of at their shows.

- Muz-Ink Magazine


EP: The Rum Fits EP
EP: Five Shots Down
EP: Have Another Round, Socyermom Records
Punk Rock Comp: Viva La Punk, Atomic Recordings (Phoenix Arizona)
LP: Fully Loaded, Socyermom Records, release date July 2008

Our music has been played on local radio stations in New Mexico (Albuquerque, Gallup, Farmington, Las Cruces etc.) and podcasts designated in New Mexico. Also radio play in Anaheim California, Phoenix, Arizona and Boston, Mass.



In Albuquerque “The Rum Fits” are not just a drinking disorder, they are in fact a rock solid four piece punk band. Having formed in 2003 the band spent most of their formative years drinking, throwing parties, and playing hundreds of shows in and around New Mexico. After having cut their teeth by opening for such bands as (Blitz, The Business, The Casualties, Roger Miret & The Disasters, The Queers, and Total Chaos), touring thousands of miles, and releasing a label pressed EP, they are now gearing up to hit the road again to bring you their unique brand of rock.

Their music is sometimes categorized as street-style, some times as old school punk, some times drunk rock. Whichever way you might try to label them they will come at you with another song that will make you second-guess it.

The Rum Fits have made a mark on the punk scene since the beginning. When a band would roll thru the desert of New Mexico, they knew they had a cold beer and a friendly party waiting for them at Casa de Rumfits. The comradeship built between touring bands, local punks, and the rum fits is still strong and well known to bands who need anything from a couch to crash on, a free meal, a show, or just friends to say hello.

On their first professionally released EP, Have Another Round, they cover such topics as; having their house raided as a methamphetamine lab, getting drunk on boxed wine, and playing for drinks. From start to finish the album is a highly addictive, hook riddled, testament that punk is still alive, and not just being played by a bunch of pussies!

Their newest Full Length release, Fully Loaded, will be out this summer blaring such topics as: child abuse, runaways, junkies, scene stealers, lazy strippers, and dealing with death, on your stereo. So bring a dictionary and be prepared to listen multiple times to this more epic feeling punk cd.

The Rum Fits are four friends: JD, Twitch, Evil Levi and Kevin, who have come together to bring punk rock back to its feet here in the desert southwest, and soon the rest of the nation.