the Ruminants

the Ruminants


Western Swing influenced Garage Roots Rock with a whole lot of something else thrown in, sometimes.


Music for music's sake.

It's why Mike and Todd first climbed on a stage in the Alberta badlands, to bash out a blend of dirty western ballads and provoking pop for an appreciative audience of drinkers, thinkers and dancers. When the last mandolin solo ended, and the rhythm section rumbled to a halt, The Ruminants handed free recordings of their songs to those who asked — as they have at every show since, the stack of no-price discs disappeared in seconds. With free comes the freedom to play for the joy of it, not to pursue popularity. People like free, and we like to play: we'd offer sandwiches, but CDs are easier to stuff inside a guitar case.

With drum-man Ron Burland adding his creative back beats to the guitar, bass and mandolin foundation, The Ruminants are a band capable of fading to a melodic whisper, or leaving your nerves on edge with freight-train tempos. Less than a year since inception, it's a sound still under construction — and it probably always will be.

As FFWD magazine in Calgary put it, “The Ruminants only use country music as a jumping point to whichever genre suits their fancy at that particular moment.”

Amen to that — it's called music for music's sake.


The Ruminants currently have no studio releases, but offer free recordings from various venues, rehearsals and jam sessions to patrons of their live shows!

Set List

The Ruminants song list is long and varied (currently 62 songs). It includes many country standards and a large collection of pop, rock, folk, and country originals.

Big-boned gal
Cold so cold
Drunk and Pissed
Freak show
Ghost towns and badlands
Here's to you
Hotel Grand
May 19
On my land
Painted town
Sage and Sky
Sea Urchin
Special Place in Hell
Steal your faith
Suitcase song
That place is home
The note
Time is a bleach
To be with you
Tom Sukanen
Your Glasses


Above and Beyond
Ace of Spades
All over now
Bottle let me down
Burn the honkytonk down
California Stars
Chocolate Jesus
Comin' Home
Crow Black Chicken
Devil Do
Drunkards Grave
Folsom Prison Blues/ that's alright
Ghostriders in the Night
Heartaches by the number
In your Bed
Jesse James
Lil Red Riding Hood
Living After Midnight
Little Cabin on the Hill
Lonesome tears
Lord knows I'm drinking
Mansions for me