The Rumours

The Rumours


As described by HOTPRESS journalist, Jackie Hayden, our music is 'full of hard rocking melodic exuberence'. Another reviewer has described our music as having a 'big rock sound, all stadium choruses and anthemic roaring guitars.' This we feel is a fair and realistic view of our music.


In a recent edition of HOTPRESS (April 20th), our music was described as being full of 'hard rocking melodic exuberence' and as a live band we give it even more energy, vigor and effervescence than is possible. What sets us apart from other bands is that we mean it. Its evident in the way that Lorcan delivers the songs, he means every word, every chord we strike we mean it and every drumbeat James delivers, he means it. This is the story behind the title to the track,'The More That I Mean It'. It comes about from seeing too many bands whos hearts don't seem to be in it. To us a great band is one that gives off energy and excitement you can feel and music you can believe in.
Influences within the band vary, but music from the 60s and 70s is a big influence, as it was from this era that many of the classic melodic bands came from, such as The Beatles, The Kinks and Led Zeppelin. Those bands had an attitude that was very positive and energetic and like them we hope to portray our music in a similar way, but in our own unique way. Our songs are full of up beat tempos and have been described by the journalist in HOTPRESS as 'stompers'. Our songs get the audience on their feet wanting more and as a band we are only too happy to deliver.


Run and Hide

Written By: Eoin Ryan

i know that when you awake your alive and you can explore,
but i know that when you sleep you dream and explore some more
and when you find your thoughts hiding in a chest
its open wide so you can see which memories you love the best


and then you run and hide
until your dreams and fears collide
and it would be much better if only you would try
and now your needed more than ever, so please darling don't cry
but it will stay with you forever at least until you die

and when the ghosts come back to haunt you one last time
it will breath your air until you despair, i won't repeat my crimes


Keep it going

Written By: Barry Mc Loughlin

i don't know anything about you
and you don't show me anything at all
just keep it going, don't let it stop now, don't let it break down from anything at all

just keep it going (ooh ooh)x2
just keep it going
don't stop don't show it
you gotta keep it going (ooh ooh)

and now i'll never know why
im always on the outside your always on the inside of my minds eye
just keep it going don't let it stop now
don't let it breakdown from anything at all


When the sun hits your eyes

Written By: Eoin Ryan

i, will find out where to go myself from here
and days will pass us by as quick as they draw near

but its all in the way you say what you say my dear
and when you arise the sun hits your eyes you can see more clear

i feel i know you all my lifex3

pain can't come near me because i am free you'll see
and where god will see lifes not so long we've been and gone so long




Matchbox Recordings in London have just released a compilation album called 'The Big Indie Comeback', which we are a part of. They heard our demo and choose the track 'Run and Hide' to feature on the album. The album is being distributed and is available through Matchbox Recordings, Amazon, CD Baby USA, Tower Records.Com and Super D, a world wide music wholesaler, who sells to over 1300 retailers every week. The album was released on the 26th june 2006 and is being given extensive airplay throughout the UK from specialist/alternative DJs. The following is how one journalist reviewed our song 'Run and Hide'.....'...this is a big rock sound, all stadium choruses and anthemic roaring guitars. Luckily their singer has the lungs for it and keeps up as opposed to be ted or left behind. In fact by the end of this stirring song, your left thinking of Thin Lizzy more than anything else and that's a pretty high compliment.' (Dave Chislett, Matchbox Recordings reviewer)

Set List

As most of our songs are just under 4minutes long our setlist contains 12 originals, which gets us through a 60 minute set. We start our gig off with 2/3 melodic songs, we then up the tempo by performing some energetin songs such as 'Run and Hide'. We sometimes perform an acoustic set of 2 songs. Finally we finish our set by performing our trademark 'stomper' songs such as 'When the sun hits your eyes' and 'Keep it going', which are full of energy and exuberence and leaves the crowd wanting more, thus, helping us to build on our fanbase.