The Runners Up

The Runners Up



We are the Runners Up. We come straight out of the sticks of Michigan. Our music is a premium blend of alternative rock, scream-o, and punk. People have compared us to bands such as Story of the Year, Senses Fail, Amber Pacific, and Atreyu.

We formed in late 2006, and then went on a temporary hiatus that summer. The band reformed and added a new bassist and guitarist.

Members incude singer Alex Neitling. Alex was one of the original founders of Runners up and writes with a creative influence of girls girls girls.
Scott Rider plays lead guitar. Scott is the man with the plan making his guitar licks scream "I am Rock N Roll!!!"
Next we have Keith Brohl and Mike Mejia. Kieth and Mike were both aquired from another band called The Streets of Reno.
Keith plays rhythm guitar, and yes that head band never leaves his head.
Mike plays bass and also throws in some backup vocals. Mike is a classy guy who loves to work the stage.
Finally we have the drummer. Mr. Eric Mitchell. Eric is a not your usual drummer. As soon as you take a look at his set you will notice how different it is to most others. With an emphasis on his toms he comes up with unique, pleasing drum beats.

We now feel our music is stronger than ever. We are working hard to write new music from songs about growling tigers to rough 80's rhythms.

We are the Runners Up.
We are ready.
Are you?


EP: The Runners Up

We have songs streaming on our myspace.

Set List

30 minute set

1) Feel It
2) One Way Out
3) We Aim To Please
4) The Beginning
5) Please Forgive Me
6) 4 Days
7) Close to Reality
8) Mayday
9) Trying Too Hard