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"Nashville Emerging Indie Label: Nashville Noir" -

"Quote from SESAC"

The Running will make you rethink what a trio can do. These three cats can match the depth of any rock band and deliver some serious groove at the same time. Think uninhibited. Think party. But also think compelling songs you want to hear again and again. Isn't that the definition of quality?

John Mullins
SESAC Nashville - John Mullins, Director, SESAC Nashville

"CD Review"

I met The Running a few years ago when I was co-hosting "FirePit Friday the Podcast" with CC. We were doing our first "FirePit Friday Live" show and The Running was one of the bands on the bill that night and man did they bring a crowd. Even though we are landlocked state, I would consider The Running a well put together landlocked reggae rock band. The feel of The Running puts me in the mind of the band "They Might Be Giants" Boss of Me Malcolm In The Middle's theme song. The Running sent the CD in for a review and I want to take this time to say Thank you. The CD was produced by The Running and Daniel Imana. The CD "Not From Around Here" came out pretty nice with ten tracks. I will go on record and say that track 1 "Boom Pow" has to be my favorite shout out to JJ Pow (dude you are silly). Track 7 "Sadurday" talks about waking up to Johnny Quest, Thunder Kats and not having a care growing up back in the day, just watching cartoons. "Get High", "Home Girl" "Right In Between", "Body Rock", "WWIII", and "Pina Colada" stay pretty close to the reggae sound. The last song "My Gun" rocks with a reggae tone driven with the lead guitar. I like 7 of 10 tracks on "Not From Around Here". It's up to you to purchase "Not From Around Here" and form your own opinion. To hear a couple songs from the CD click on the picture to take you to The Running's myspace page.

-Hypeman Rick- - Not Just Country (Nashville, TN)

"Show Review"

Next up was the amazingly talented band, The Running. I was completely
unprepared for just how fabulous these guys were going to be. I was
expecting straight up reggae but what I got was a phenomenal blend of
so many different musical styles that they have truly created their own
brand of music. Lead singer MikeDub’s voice is bluesy and edgy yet he
spills out the lyrics to their songs with the precision of artists like
Sean Paul. The Running’s brilliant bass player, Christ was made for the
stage. He is as fascinating to watch, as he is talented. The
exceptionally gifted drummer Andy lends an understated cool yet
incredibly sexy vibe to the band. My favorite tune of theirs was Body
Rock. This song seemed to be a crowd pleaser and a fan favorite. These
guys had quite a following at their show and I can totally see why! I
know I have been made a fan! This band is a must-see!

by Mel Barnes - Music City Muse


Not From Around Here (EP) - self released 8/11/2007, Digitally released by independent label Nashville Noir - 9/15/2007 on iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, eMusic, SnoCap, and many more.

Track List:
1)Boom Pow
2)Get High
4)Right In Between
5)Body Rock
6)Pina Colada
9)Evangelist Blues
10)My Gun



The Running: An original rock/reggae/blues band originating in Nashville, TN

In March of 2006, The Running set out on a journey to cross the metaphorical borders of the music industry and swore to set no boundaries on their creativity in order to do so.

Since it’s inception, The Running has been constantly gigging and virally advertising, causing an outbreak of demand for their contagious groove. With 200+ shows under their belt in over 25 different cities and towns including New York, Atlanta, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and their hometown of Nashville, TN, they show no signs of slowing down. From backyard parties, to nationally known venues, who knows where these guys find the time to consistently promote each show online and on the street, but their hard work is evident, as there is always a thirsty crowd at any shindig they play.

Countless attempts have been made to capture the essence of The Running’s sound in a few, cleverly arranged words; soulful island grunge, neo-surfer jam rock, reggae-rock, blues-rock, bluesy reggae rock, to name a few. Although these terms can accurately describe individual songs by The Running, none of them can quite sum up their vibe as a whole. But rather than try to label something as unique as this fresh new band, why not leave all preconceived notions of what the word genre means and just open your ears? Catch up to The Running.