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"England's Newest Hitmakers"

As seen on, February 12, 2007
Introducing Asono: England's Newest Hitmakers!
By Rev. Keith A. Gordon
Asono EP
(Fishface Records)
For all of you rock & roll true believers, I have just one word for you: Asono. If you're looking to latch onto the next big thing and
don't grab onto this British rock foursome pronto, then you're going to be left behind when the really major hype begins. Asono
rocks the socks off of just about anything I've heard from the United Kingdom as of late, and that includes the Towers of London
and Zodiac Mindwarp's recent trip down memory lane.
Asono's self-titled, six-song mini-album runs just shy of 24-minutes and crams more life, energy and passion into the space than
most bands can muster up on CDs two-to-three-times the length. Vocalist/lead guitarist Jonny Ross wields a larger-than-life
stadium-rock voice that is warm enough for stateside radio, accented enough to engage anglophile fans, and supple enough to
run from a whisper to a scream in the turn of one of the band's sharply-defined riffs.
Ross, along with fellow axeman Andrew Simmons, crank up the amps and deliver a delicious one-two-punch of six-string
pugilism that would drop Mike Tyson to the canvas, curling up in the fetal position. Bassist Jason Denhart and drummer Oli King
hold down a solid rhythm; King is especially impressive, an old-school big-beat blaster in the mold of Moonie and Bonzo. In fact,
although a glimpse at the band's web site shows that their self-professed influences (Led Zeppelin, Queen, U2, Aerosmith, etc)
are right on the money, the truth is that Asono doesn't really sound like any of 'em. In fact, one of the nicest things about these
tunes is that they sound familiar and yet unique; Asono sounds like every great rock band that you've ever heard, and yet they
sound entirely like themselves. A good trick, if you can pull it off...and Asono does...pull it off, that is.
Most of all, the songs on Asono, the mini-album, are a lively batch of unassuming rockers, sounding more mature than the
foursome's young age would have you believe (three of the guys are still in their upper-teens). Ross' vox are impressive, not in a
technically-proficient, Simon-Cowell-will-be-pleased, American Idol bland sameness, but in a flawed, powerful, wring-everyounce-
of-emotion out of the lyrics way that REAL rock bands used to thrive on back in the day. The songs are good, Ross' lyrics
imaginative and literate, and I can only imagine him getting better as a wordsmith. "Street Full Of Strangers," "One Man Army,"
"Someday," "Never Nothing Never," "O.D.'d On Love" and "She Love's L.A." are all brimming over with street-tough melodies,
soaring vocals, monster riffs, guitar solos, explosive rhythms and that elusive rock & roll spirit.
Asono are the real deal, and honest-to-god-rock-n-roll-band primed and ready to roll over the United States. Catch 'em while
they're still cool....
DID YOU KNOW? Three of the four members of Asono are teenagers.

"Disc of the Week"

As seen on Michael Capozzoli Jr’s Entertainment News, February 8, 2007.
Michael Capozzoli Jr.
Highly Recommended.A Strong Buy.
IT'S The Big Break They Had To Make!
A Flat-Out Great Debut Disc.
Passionate Vocals.
Distinctive Eclectic Lead Guitar.
Minimal Powerful Rhythmn Guitar.
Thunderous Bass.
Dynamic Drums.
- Michael Capozzoli Jr’s Entertainment News

"Summon The Heroes"

Do you wanna ROCK?!?? I can’t hear you - I said, do you wanna ROCK?!?!?!?!? If your answer is ‘yeah, alright’, then The Rushing are the band for you. Their bright n’ chipper take on the likes of Metallica and Pearl Jam results in a thumped-up Queensryche much of the time. Hugeness abounds (Day 5, Night At The Theatre), they have a scrubbed-up punk equivalent of the ‘Jam’s Once (Step Inside) and shove a mariachi trumpet up the Scorpions (Kiss). Like I said - get ready to ROCK!

Fragile stands out from amongst the crystallised influences. Not, thankfully, a Sting cover but rather an offcut from Even Flow. You get the idea. If they knock off some of their pristine corners, they could be truly massive. -

"The rock is back, and this time it’s tumescent"

The Rushing are apparently all still 21. I hope they know how lucky they are, the bastards – I’d have given my eye teeth to have been in a band this good at their age.

Reminiscent of many bands, most of them huge beyond the minds of men, yet sounding only incidentally like most of those, The Rushing are clearly all about the rock above all else. Listening to “Summon The Heroes” is like someone who has never heard any rock music before hearing Whitesnake or Thin Lizzy for the first time. The songs are polished rock beasts with choruses the size of continents and an unashamed joy in the majesty of rock. Rock.

In some respects The Rock… Rushing and their ilk almost seem like the dream of a cynical marketing man – a band who fit a gap in the market perfectly and have all the songs to match, yet by virtue of the fact that they are young and their style hasn’t been in vogue for years, they sound fresh. Good on ‘em.

Eddie Thomas -

"Classic Rock Magazine - Album Review"


Currently raising eyebrows and expectations across the US college radio network, this fresh-faced, Surrey-based four-peice have hit the ground running with this accomplished debut.
As the title suggest, homage to the gods of rock's golden age is the order of the day, shot through with enough spin to bring it into a 21st-century context. Opener Help! takes the rolling, sub-gothic melodrama of Live and marries it to a chopped-up bruiser of a riff, and standout single Day 5 (The Only One) starts as a John Parr ballad before morphing into a less spiky Hundred Reasons.
Such is the veritable melting pot of influences with faint echoes of AOR, emo, pop-punk, prog and even hair metal discernable at times, it comes as no great suprise when the band suddenly go all Ennio Morricone on the western-themed Kiss, replete with dizzying trumpets and rattlesnake shakers. Frontman Jonny Ross's wonderfully powerful voice expresses varied shades of emotion, and while they haven't exactly reinvented the wheel they've certainly pumped a fresh blast of air into its tyres.

Tim Batcup - Classic Rock Magazine

"Watch Out Here They Come"

"Asono are set to invade the eagerly awaiting shores of America's West coast on what can only be described as a tsunami of mind blowing rock music... with musical talent way beyond their years and a live show that will blow you away... Asono really are the next BIG thing!" - The Reading Post

"One of the most Exciting Projects"

"The band has some fantastic tunes. As soon as I heard a rough demo of their new material I knew I had to do it... Asono are one of the most exciting projects I've ever worked on."
(Alan Winstanley, producer of Madness, Bush, Bowie, Jagger among others.)

- Alan Winstanley

"Rhyhtm and Booze - Album Review"

The Rushing are a young London based four-piece , who have already began to create something of a stir with their constant touring across the globe. The band have already made inroads into the US, Middle East and South Africa wowing audiences with their hard hitting punchy rock. Over in The US Summon The Heroes has already become a huge success on the college radio scene with over 140 stations spinning the band's tunes, they also performed a showcase at the renowned SXSW event in Texas prompting the music industry to sit up and take notice of this hard working, hard rocking outfit, Summon The Heroes is the band's debut album and it's something of a bombastic debut that fans of classic rock will lap up in a frenzy. Hard riffs and tasteful solos collide with catchy melodies and infectious ball busting vocals to create one of the most impressive straight up rock albums in ages. Right from the opening number Help! the band set their manifesto by laying down a tight and powerful rock anthem complete with a contagious holler along chorus and a hook big enough to ground the whole of the royal navy. The band continue to deliver, throbbing, muscular rock throughout the duration of this potent monster, tracks like Step Inside and Chasing The Sun will have you punching the air in glee, whilst songs like Day 5 (The Only One) and Wishing Well proves the band can tone it down a little to deliver the obligatory 'lighters in the air' power ballad that every rock band should have in their arsenal. Whilst Kiss is worth the entrance price alone being a wonderfully spirited combination of driving acoustics, dusty Mexican rhythms, marching beats, Mariachi trumpets and twanging guitars that knocked this listener off his feet and had him dribbling like a baby. The Rushing deliver an album that will have you dusting down that leather jacket in the back of the closet, picking up that air guitar and striking your finest rock pose in front of the mirror, whilst still managing to deliver a few surprising and very welcoming curveballs. We don't need to Summon The Heroes, The Rushing are already here!! - Rating 9 - Will Munn (

"Summon The Heroes"

Summon The Heroes - by
T'riffic album this from Reading/Surrey foursome The Rushing; their modern take on classic rock is quite breathtaking in its ability to drag you, screamin' and kickin', into their dusky electric world. Perhaps the title, 'Summon The Heroes', is a clue to what the Rushing are bringing you here; all that's great about rock music from across the ages delivered with today's aggression and fortitude - all the physics and make-up of a well tried and tested genre delivered with the chemistry of the new age - rock music for today and tomorrow! Yes, on 'Summon The Heroes' The Rushing inject new life into this time-defying form; typically stuffed with great riffs, absolutely bustin' with pounding rhythms and offering plenty of scope for head-bangers and heavy-heads to let off plenty of steam, 'Summon The Heroes' rocks all day long. It's a superbly crafted album that puts instrumental restraint and controlled vocal finesse back into hard rock and makes it 'real' again. Thankfully The Rushing avoid the confused mayhem of the metalists and the obtuse self-indulgence of the stoners and stick firmly to 'roots' rock whilst injecting their own subtle nuances and modernistic twists into the long-admired form; The Rushing's rock is tangible and accessible and offers the listener all the singalongability and air-guitar thrashing possibilities he/she could ever want - and then some!! Although their music does owe much of its brutish power and elegant style to bands like Guns'n' Roses, Aerosmith and Metallica, The Rushing still manage to write and play with wonderful originality and cutting-edge modernity. By no means plagiarists, The Rushing add their own deft touches and dynamic deviations through the introduction of beautifully proportioned 'strings' and 'things'; the arrangements are monumental and even at their loudest and most searing The Rushing still manage to maintain impressive instrumental separation and supreme aural clarity. With eleven amazingly well-delivered tracks to enjoy and get yer rocks off to, 'Summon The Heroes' is a fantastic album of rock-of-the-ages for the rock-minded discerning public; stunningly assembled and beautifully packaged, 'Summon The Heroes' by The Rushing is right up there with the best of 'em - a real contender and a worthy addition to anyone's collection. 'Summon The Heroes' by The Rushing is classic rock at its rampant best and fully deserves massive success - The Rushing make rock music 'whole' again and very believable - excellent!


2009 - The Rushing - 'Summon the Heroes'
Due for commercial release in February 2009.




We've just been informed that our video is number 42 in the Scuzz top 50 music videos of 2009!


We are pleased to anounce that BE Colleges are now our NACA Agent. All U.S College booking enquiries should be made to Ron Paleg at BE Colleges: T: (781) 395-1732 E:


Check out the awesome album review in this months Classic Rock Magazine - the UK's biggest selling monthly music magazine!


U.S. College Radio

Summon The Heroes had a fantastic stint on College Radio in the U.S. where it saw time in the Top 30 on 24 seperate CMJ Charting Stations, peaking in the top 10 on 5 of them which included one number 1. Overall the record received extensive rotation on over 120 Stations!

Video Update! 20-03-2009

The video is proving extremely popular with the major music video channels with plays on Kerrang, Scuzz and NME TV.

U.S. College Radio Update! 17-02-2009

So far, the response on U.S. College Radio has been fanstastic! At present 'Summon the Heroes' is lurking just outside the CMJ Top 200 album chart with 14 CMJ stations charting the album in the top 30! We've had some key plays at CORE stations such as WMNF in Tampa Florida & KXLU in Los Angeles, CA and are continuing to get CMJ add's across the U.S.

Video Update - 17-02-2009

Shooting for the bands debut video for debut single 'Step Inside' has been completed. The video, which will receive it's debut airing on the bands website ( on Monday 2nd March was directed by up & coming director Nick Bartleet, whose previous work includes; Pendulum - Showdown, McFly - The Heart Never Lies, Funeral For a Friend - Kicking and Screaming, and Brigade - Pilot. The band had the time of their lives on set and when it airs on the 2nd it'll be easy to see why!

Website Update - 15-02-2009

We now have a landing page! YAY!
The full site should be online at the end of Feb - STAY TUNED!!

‘Summon the Heroes’
Release Date: 13th April 2009

Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins and Queens of the Stoneage are just a few of the rock gods counted as influences on The Rushing’s classic edged debut album ‘Summon the Heroes.’ A youthful State-side influenced rock drama with a bit of stiff upper lip British heritage turns its back on the stringy guitars and fraying vocals of the “scene” and attempts to re-fuel a few forgotten memories of legends past. The amps just got turned back up to 11!

Their debut, which gets it’s name from those supernatural rock titans, was helmed by Russian producer Val Proletarski who is best known for his work with Zero Seven front man Osmond Wright on his critically acclaimed solo project ‘So Still.’ The album was mixed by Mike Fraser whose work includes the likes of Aerosmith, ACDC and Metallica. His recent projects include Biffy Clyro / Puzzle, Franz Ferdinand / Tonight Franz Ferdinand and ACDC’s new album Black Ice.

From the opening, the album’s intentions are clear. An SOS kick starts The Beatles derived title ‘Help!’ leading into what can only be described as wall to wall U2 esq guitars before settling into a rock grove which definitely isn’t U2! Before you know it, the soaring Chasing After the Sun and classic rock inspired Fragile have passed you by and your on to No Regrets - a melodic number sung over a dirty rhythmic grove with a few electro beats thrown in for good measure. A quick breath and it’s the bands first single – ‘Step Inside’ a fast paced rocker with a spaced out hazy middle eight that makes you think of tepee’s and polar bears. The band’s second single Day 5 is an anthem in the making, a delicate, mourning vocal builds into a hugely uplifting chorus which resonates through your very soul and ends with an ever climbing rock-out that’s sure to be a live favourite. Then comes a wind of change, you can hear it in the way Night at the Theatre begins, as if chiming quietly to the end of your very existence. CRASH! In come the Led Zep guitars and then a few seconds later there gone again. Theatre is an epic! Next is what can only be described as a Mexican number with castanets, tambourines and snare beats ricocheting out of the speakers like an audio only spaghetti western and the trumpet finale has got to be heard to be believed! The album’s sober moments come in the wistful ‘Wishing Well’ and remind us that it can’t all be fun and horseback riding before the melodic, dramatic vocal on Unsung Hero follows in the slightly more chilled out vein. The last song ‘Mechanically Sound’ is another epic with its raw rock guitar riffs and crazy on beat and off beat drums.

In summary, ‘Summon the Heroes’ has a bit of everything. Not one song sounds like another and yet the band has managed to keep a true identity through out the album. It is original and yet sounds familiar. One thing’s for sure, it offers something completely different for those of us who have heard just ab