The Russian Artist Factory
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The Russian Artist Factory

Band Pop Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Calgary Film Fest 2005"

"Upon first listen, The Russian Artist Factory is an exciting discovery of sounds and melodies that are simultaneously in harmony and conflict; chord changes that are so unexpected that they bream of the obvious, and haunting textures that sooth as much as they exhault. This is one half hour of some of the most original pop music I've heard in a long time." - Richard Zywotkiewicz, Canadian Film Maker (Stiffed, 2005)

"The Pretty Pop Proletariat"

"Industrially shiny and's a real friendly coup with...pretty pianos, catchy hooks and crafty, thoughtful lyrics...and no egos." - Cynthia Yip, Beatroute Magazine (November 2005)

"Well Oiled Machine"

"The lyrics suggest a gentle urgency. It's (Swingset Basejump) a near perfect pop single - upbeat, catchy and sufficiently clever enough to sidestep all the cliched pitfalls that plague so much radio friendly pop fodder. The song manages to stick firmly in your head..." - MD Stewart, Fast Forward (November 24, 2004)

"Compilation "A"-Side"

"The Russian Artist Factory's crafty songwriting and simplicity draw me in every time..." - Clay Phillips, Toronto Experimental Artists

"EP Review Excerpt"

"Swingset Basejump and Kensington are both up tempo pop gems..." - Shawn Holt, The Reflector Online (December, 2005)


The Russian Artist Factory EP (October 2006)

The Swingset Basejump E.P. (October 2005)
Swingset Basejump (the single) is on selected radio stations across Canada now!



When a Siberian winter sweeps in to take you away, you better be sure to have something warm and well constructed to keep yourself alive in....

...Enter The Russian Artist Factory, whose sole purpose on the planet is to leave you feeling musically warm and secure in the belief that pop music can be filled with honesty and humility and the artists themselves are appreciative and human.

Yet with the conviction of a Russian winter storm, these artists can blow your doors down with dance floor friendly, sing-along guitar pop...or perhaps you'll invite them inside where they can light up a room with a blend of piano pop stories romantically reminiscent of a time when things were soft and simple.

Since their arrival in Calgary in October 2005, The Russian Artist Factory has quickly garnered praise from every media outlet they have had the privilege of working with, from independent monthlies to nationally owned dailies.

With a rich and active international history, The Russian Artist Factory gives rise to some of the most melodic and sculpted pop music on the radio today.