The Russians

The Russians

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

A little more roll than rock. Also, a sufficient supply of rock. Lush, melodic, grooving, and righteous.


“Multi-talented multi-instrumentalist Scott Janovitz comes up with a super-eclectic bunch of tunes couched in a breezy summery sound well worthy of your attention. Please allow The Russians to invade the shores of your imagination.” -Graham Parker

"Crashing The Party is a collection of smart, memorable pop songs that stand up to repeated listens. The Russians hit that sweet spot where clever and heartfelt overlap." -Tom Perrotta [author of Election and Little Children]

When working in a musical collective, what better moniker than The Russians? Boston’s Scott Janovitz found an apt name, as his project incorporates an army of collaborators to record the pop gems he writes in between stints touring with and producing other acts. Fortunately, this group of friends - including Mike Gent (The Figgs, Death Vessel, Juliana Hatfield), Mike Piehl (Letters to Cleo, Martin Sexton), Rob Dulaney (Sarah Borges) and Russell Chudnofsky (Lori McKenna) - are among the most creative musicians Boston has to offer. The collegial group includes no less than 15 players and production personnel; the end result is an album of unforgettable, hook-packed songs that feature shimmering melodies and driving guitars seamlessly combined with 21st Century loops and sonic embroidery. The Russians managed, between their myriad other projects, to record a full length album, Crashing The Party, which will be released digitally and on CD July 13th, followed by a vinyl LP.

A Boston native, Janovitz has played with a cavalcade of artists over the years and is known for his early band, Dragstrip Courage. After disbanding that outfit, Janovitz spent several years as a sideman to some great artists, including the legendary Graham Parker (with whom he continues to tour), Garvy J (Elevator Drops, The Rentals), The Figgs and Yep Roc artists Jake Brennan and the Confidence Men. Meanwhile, Janovitz was holed up in his own Moontower Studio in Cambridge, slowly developing the songs and sound that would soon become The Russians. With the release of their debut EP came a tour with ex-Replacement Tommy Stinson and The Figgs. The band subsequently performed with such great acts as Radar Bros., Sam Roberts, Evan Dando, Dave Derby, Mary Timony, and Dear Leader.

With the aid of co-producer Darren Ottaviani, himself a longtime member of the band, The Russians continued to develop in the studio, with influences ranging from Phil Spector, McCartney and Pink Floyd to Beachwood Sparks, Teenage Fanclub and The Flaming Lips. In October of 2007, Janovitz released a second EP (appropriately titled EP.02), co-produced by Will Kennedy (The 88, Spearhead) and featuring songs mixed by Kennedy and Paul Kolderie (Morphine, The Pixies). While touring and operating Moontower, in his spare moments Janovitz continued to write and invite members of The Russians in to record, finally selecting ten songs out of the dozens put to tape to create Crashing The Party. The generosity of spirit and respect for music shared by this band of uber-talented friends shines through on Crashing The Party. There is something to be said for working with your comrades.


The Russians Numero Uno EP (tour only - 2005)
The Russians EP .02 (2007)
Crashing The Party LP (2010)

Set List

Set is 45-60 minutes long and features mainly original material, with a steady stream of unique, spaced-out covers of pop favorites.