The Rust Tones

The Rust Tones


The Rust Tones make bluesy rootsy funky groove music, with the occasional country song thrown in for good measure. Bring your dancin' shoes and a bottle opener!


Welcome to Austin, Texas, home to those purveyors of the South Austin sound, the Rust Tones. Like the Capitol City, the Rust Tones are a melting pot of varied styles. Part blues, part country, and part R&B, their sound has been called soulful and organic. The debut record is “Tales From The Bar,” a collection of sordid stories straight outta South Austin, all told with a wink and a grin. Some of the tales are true, some are not, but together they paint an authentic portrait of the night life south of the Colorado River. This full length record features guest turns by Guy Forsyth and Jon Ricketts, and is available now. Thanks for listening!


My Neighborhood

Written By: Patrick Donahue

A little coke, a little smoke
A couple jokes, between the folks

Hey, that’s how we do it down in my neighborhood

A farmer’s tan, the old box fan
Bud Light in cans, Steve Miller Band

Hey, that’s how we do it down in my neighborhood

Well my Chevy Silverado’s all they granted me in my divorce
I got a picture in the window of Calvin pissin’ on a Ford

The old flat bed, down by the shed
We sing the blues, smoke Marlboro Reds

Hey, that’s how we do it down in my neighborhood

Well we like to sit around and reminisce about the things we did
But now we’ve got to keep it down, my ex is bringing back the kids...

The old LeMans, spray painted bronze
Is up on blocks, out on the lawn

Hey, that’s how we do it down in my neighborhood


"Tales From the Bar," released in 2006 can be found on iTunes, at CD Baby, and in any fine record store in Austin, TX.

Set List

A Rust Tones set typically runs 2 to 3 hours. Sets feature songs from their debut record (Tales From the Bar), as well as material from the forthcoming follow up record, "Bowling Night with the Rust Tones." Additionally, you'll frequently hear fresh versions of songs from classic artists such as Dr John, The Band, The Staples Singers and others.