The Rusty Guns

The Rusty Guns

 New York City, New York, USA

The Rusty Guns are a Bluegrass Rock n' Roll band that make you want to stomp your feet with a glass of whiskey in your hand. Electrified porch music.


The Rusty Guns were planted on the plains of Texas, soaked in the swamps of Georgia, and harvested on the hills of Appalachia. They remember when Rock 'n' Roll was in its youth and deemed the Devil's music; when it enticed adolescents with a rude awakening of guitar, upright bass, and drums. The Guns take that recipe, pour gasoline on it with a driving banjo and chucking harmonica, and then plug into their amplifiers to set it ablaze. 

Their influences are as wide as the Mississippi River. Some say they're Bluegrass Rock, some say they're Outlaw Country, Punkgrass, and Gritty Blues; some even say that they're Jug-Punk. Long story short, they sound exactly like what you think a band called "The Rusty Guns" would sound like.

The Guns formed originally when Chris Cornwell and Mark Spitznagel met in New York City in a production of Shakespeare's "As You Like It" and began writing music together almost immediately. As their repertoire increased, so did their vision of the songs, and with that they invited their good friends Harlan Short, Eli Bridges, and original drummer, Terry Jenkins to complete the sound. In 2012, intent to do things without permission or restraint, they setup a make-shift studio in a Brooklyn Brownstone and recorded their debut-album which they released in the spring of 2013. As fate had it, around that same time, Terry had to relocate to the west coast and the band was subsequently graced with the percussive talents of Titus Tompkins. The band is currently based in New York City.

The Rusty Guns are: Titus Tompkins on drums, Harlan Short on bass, Mark Spitznagel on banjo, Chris Cornwell on guitar, and Eli Bridges on harmonica and a myriad of things. 

"Happiness is a rusty gun." 
- John Wayne


The Rusty Guns
Hipster Boy (single)