The Rusty Lindsey Band

The Rusty Lindsey Band

 Santa Barbara, California, USA

The Rusty Lindsey Band is a highly engaging four-piece group from Santa Barbara who's music has been called a Southern twist on Ryan Adams, James Brown and foot stompin' blues. They've aggressively grown their fanbase and regularly sell out local venues.


Rusty has been making music with family and friends since he was a young boy. The blues of the Mississippi Delta is the first music he can remember pickin’ on his guitar. Since then, he has added soulful guitar work to countless bands (including Remains of the Day), but it was not until he began writing his own songs did he find his love of storytelling.

Though he now makes his bed in Santa Barbara, California, Rusty will always call the mountains of South Carolina and Georgia his home. His southern roots run deep in each and every song, and he is happiest when he has given an audience a taste of his home.

Since moving to Santa Barbara, Rusty and his band have aggressively grown their fanbase, and now regularly sell out local venues. Additionally, they have a very strong following in the Santa Cruz area, as well as in his hometown near Asheville, North Carolina.

Rusty and his band will also be entering the studio in October, 2011, to record their debut album, to be released later this year. Additionally, Rusty and his band area always open to and looking for new opportunities.


Devil In Drag (EP) - 2010
Devil (Single) - received local radio airplay and streaming internet radio plays

Set List

The Rusty Lindsey Band is a versatile unit that tailors their sets to the gig, adding more covers when appropriate. Typical gig lengths are anywhere between 1 and 4 hours.

The Allman Brothers - "One Way Out"
Michael Jackson - "The Way You Make Me Feel"
Lots of John Prine songs
The Rolling Stones songs a-plenty!
Stevie Ray Vaughn - "Pride and Joy"

2012 Romance
By My Side
Devil In Drag
From the Cabin
In the Rough Again
Last Train
Let You Know
Let You Down
Midnight in Montmarte
Roll Me
Scotch, Whiskey and Brake Pads
'Til Midnight
Time is With Us Now
Turn Me Out