The Sac

The Sac


The Sac specializes in eclectic rock pop that touches on many genres and turns them inside out. Surreal, catchy, satirical, irreverent, vulgar, fist-pumping fun.


The Sac is a music band that has been turning heads with their unusual things and stuff. Taking eclecticism to absurd heights and disturbing lows, their live show is a truly will-weakening experience.
The Sac juxtaposes seemingly incongruous musical styles to weave a mindbending tapestry of dream logic and foul humour. They have been writing music together for over a year and have assembled a large repertoire of original material.
Some songs have a basic rock and roll crunch, some a hummable sweetness, some a breathtaking weirdness, some all of the above. Their lyrics veer from the vulgar brain-humping simplicity of "Stupid Fucker" to the surreal brain-humping imagery of "Fisher Price Toaster". But through all the experimentation the Sac maintains a strong awareness of tradition.
Hailing from Toronto, they are a four-man band consisting of voice, bass, two guitars and a drum machine. Their concerts - including transcendental shows at the Boat, the Session, and the Drake - have left audiences laughing, gasping, and scratching their heads saying "huh?". Their demo EP MEAT SURE IS MURDER gives listeners a similarly enthralling ride.
Hilarious, bizarre and catchy, the Sac will entertain you, confuse you and rock you to your knees.


Room Temperature Dick

Written By: The Sac

room temperature dick
everything's just right
the smoke's leaving the wick
traveling through the night

I kiss upon-ee your face
the saliva dries nicely
& this indefinite space
don't grip it too tightly


room temperature cock
everything's perfect
we sit & we talk
the trip down was worth it

now put your face to the hole
girl, tell me what you see
we'll suck on each other's soul
then count to twenty-three


now turn the music down low
maybe set the knob to two
warmer us as we go
re-light the candle for you

I touch upon-ee your back
& give kisses that go up
this is perfect like that
such swiggings from my cup

room temperature dick...
room temperature dick...

Youse Guys

Written By: The Sac

youse guys w/your lies
swoop right in & steal the prize

fuck youse - so I lose
at least I know I paid my dues

what's wrong? - "something wrong?"
since I came here things all went wrong

what's more - youse are whores
just bowing down to the chairmens of boards

not me - integrity
is what I've got inside of me...

inside of me, inside of me...
right inside, right inside, right inside..
of me

youse guys - fucking guys
just make fun of my tortured cries

that's wrong - very wrong
you'll prob'ly even make fun of this song

screw youse - 'cuz of youse
I can't live life like I would choose

what else? - look at yourselves
just step on peoples to get your wealth

not me - integrity
is what I've got inside of me..

inside of me, inside of me...
right inside, right inside, right inside.. of me

Pregnant Torso Washed Up On The Beach

Written By: The Sac

- ................................
- .........
- .....................
- .............

- ..........!



Meat Sure Is Murder EP

Set List

We can play up to 90 minutes of original material.