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"Jam Vinall"

‘Titans Put Down Your Swords’ is packed full of solid, alternative rock. Opening track ‘Chartreuse (Run Devil Run)’ introduces the album by layering gradually more guitar over tick-tocky percussion until it climaxes and crashes into a wall of bass-heavy noise and replaces the layers of guitar with a brilliantly catchy and high-pitched riff. It’s a shining example of what this band does well and this technique of building up sound into a noise barrier is a recurring theme throughout the record. Lyrically, ‘Titans…’ is somewhat abstract, rarely going into specifics, but often repeats the same lines over and over in a track. This isn’t always a bad thing, especially as the simple chorus of “this is the last thing I will say to you” in the opening track has resonated in my brain for a good week now -

"starlight lounge"

The Safe Passage Clause have taken you on a journey with this album, through every step you have felt the raw energy, and passion from them, no two tracks are alike, it's like a roller coaster ride of the very highest quality, taking you through ups and downs in tempo, changes in pace, some heavy tracks and some more mellow, and throughout it all satisfaction is guaranteed. -

"Mike Goad"

Those of amoration, fidelity, and honor. They are what we truly live to serve the universe with, and music such as this fuels all we are capable of... discover what it means to be in the mind of God" - the sinner

"seeing you safely through it"

Like near namesakes The Cooper Temple Clause (they both contain the word clause which make them near namesakes in my book - and no that doesn't make them a near namesake of Santa - god how did I get into this argument?) Seattle's Safe Passage Clause are an unlikely yet increasingly fashionable collision of post rock and prog rock.

The Safe Passage Clause are a less challenging and experimental Mars Volta with lead singer Christopher Morales' voice closer to that of the traditional heavy rock vocalist than Bixler-Zavala.
- best tuna


TITANS PUT DOWN YOUR SWORDS - August 25th I tunes, Rhapsody, Fuzz.
CarCrash - Radio play - Asylum Radio EU
CAST ASIDE - Radio - Garageland Ireland


Few bands appreciate the idea of being summed up in under a hundred words, let alone a dozen. This is not one of them.

�I know what it�s like to be you, I am you.� The opening line of �Cast Aside�, the mesmerizing, haunting track from Seattle band, The Safe Passage Clause, captures the essence of this complex and chaotic group in a mere phrase. Their sound embodies what they, and so many, see in the mirror. Listening to their album, �Titans Put Down Your Swords,� it seems that every layer, every side, and every dark hidden crevice of feeling and emotion has been ripped out and brought to bear through the songs. Standing on the edge of manic self destruction, they are still chillingly calculated. It�s a delicate balancing act that could fall at any second.

The Safe Passage Clause hails from the windy alleys of Chicago, the rain soaked roads of Seattle, and the streets of South Jersey. Watch them do anything as a group, and their differences are instantly obvious. You can sense that each member is here on their own terms, and as a group they offer no apologies. Whether in a quiet neighborhood pub or packed venue, you are going to notice front man Chris Morales. An imposing figure at 6�3, he commands the stage with a well honed combination of showmanship and vocal talent.

After many years of playing and touring worldwide with other projects, Chris settled in Seattle. Jeremy Bill and Kenji Jensen-Otsu had already been playing together in the Seattle scene for a number of years; developing a strong musical chemistry that helps give their music such a natural feeling. The three had a chance meeting through mutual friends at a crowded university watering hole where Kenji was tending bar. When their other projects dissolved for one reason or another, the late night ramblings, and scribbled bar napkins became The Safe Passage Clause.

Since all three were already seasoned live players they opted to go into the studio before ever playing a show. This unusual creative process, overseen by Jules Hodgson of KMFDM, gave rise to things that would have never been created in a live environment. Jeremy�s unique drumming became the anchor and foundation of most of the album, with Kenji often writing the rest of the songs around him. The driving drum beats are effortless, seemingly second nature to Jeremy. A natural musician, who doesn�t seem to notice how good he really is, he�s just enjoying the ride.

With Jules playing bass in lieu of a permanent bass player the sessions began to take off. Massive tracks like �Car Crash� and �Until We Fall Apart� showcase the bands power, its raw energy. Thunderous drumming carries the songs, with guitars you can feel envelope your whole body. You can�t help but envision Morales carrying a battle standard, vocals leading the charge. Then something startling happens. After the distorted, chaotic solos of the second track, �Titans,� have faded, you hear the clear sounds of an acoustic guitar begin to ring. In stark contrast to the previous tracks this song is fragile, almost breakable. It sounds like the wrenching of a guilty soul. While Kenji takes the vocal lead on several tracks, its songs like this, and the three simply named �Suites� that show what he brings to the table. The artistic soul of the group, he compliments the natural ability of Jeremy and the charisma of Morales perfectly, providing direction and purpose to the frenzied energy of the group.

A perfect example of a group being greater than the sum of its parts, The Safe Passage Clause has the means to do anything. The different roads that brought them here, the battles won and lost, are what give them the right to indeed say �I know what its like to be you.� Their unwillingness to back down, however, is their real strength. �Cast Aside� offers not only sums up the bands philosophy, but it offers their mantra as well. For them there are only two ways this story ends.

�Lock, Load, Aim, Fire.�