The Safety of Life at Sea

The Safety of Life at Sea


A singer/songwriter project that grew into a band, and got it's groove on. Lyrically based original music with influences of folk, blues and soul. A mix of keys and guitars combining to make a slightly retro, 60's/70's sound with a bit of southern US feel, kind of like The Band.


In 2009 singer/songwriter Kris Schubert joined with his partner Lian Wong and brother in law Steve Helman to form The Safety of Life at Sea. Drummer Tony 'T-Bone' Bibby was soon invited along, to help them make some more noise. Playing original songs penned by both Kris and Steve, the music covers a wide mix of styles, with influences from folk, blues and 60's/70's pop rock.

Their debut album was begun in a small, picturesque Blue Mountains studio in late 2011, as Steve prepared to live overseas. Work continued in both Australia and France over the next year, and was completed soon after the band was reunited, ready to be launched in 2013.

The 10 song album moves between the rushed, stream-of-conciousness Go Let Go to the laid back bouncy groove of Tea From a Height, and later to the insistent and moody rock of End of December.

Just prior to the launch of the album in June, the band retreated to a barn in a beautiful Hawkesbury valley to begin what will become their second album, featuring new guitarist and songwriter Dom White. This follow up is expected in 2014. Now with three songwriters, new material is coming thick and fast, and the gigs just keep getting better.


Go Let Go

Written By: Kris Schubert

Looking round watching the people coming down
to see what the fuss is all about
and that's a first date - it's definitely got that look about it
and I don't think it's going too well

But they'll probably move in, get married and have kids
and never give it a second thought
and live out their days eternally grateful
that someone came along

It's that deep-seated fear of waiting too long
that keeps us from getting it right for fear of getting it wrong...

Tea From a Height

Written By: Kris Schubert

Well I thought I'd lived alone for a couple of years now
thought I'd been taking care of myself
with you round every other school night and all the weekend
thought that was about as alone as I could've felt

But now I'm hearing just how quiet the nights are
and your half of the bed's where I keep my guitar
now it's just one plate one fork one wineglass to clean
and it gradually dawns just how spoilt I've been
spoilt and in between

So I'm taking the time to pour my tea from a height
I'm just trying to make sure I get the simple things right
it's a goddam shame you can't see all that I've made
but I'd let it all burn to make it with you tonight

One More Over the Line

Written By: Kris Schubert

One more over the line
same since the dawn of time
the man has spoke from the end of his rope
drunk on wisdom and wine

well you can preach and weep cos talk is cheap
you found yourself in a touch deep...


The Safety of Life at Sea (2013)

Tracks that have recieved radio airplay:
Go Let Go, Tea From a Height, End of December, Sarah, Wish I Was the Type